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Do you brush your teeth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cothrantyson, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Like after smoking. And I don't mean to try and get the smell off, but for good hygiene?
  2. I usually smoke at night before bed anyways so yes, but sometime if im in a hurry i wont, or when im vaping i wont.
  3. I tend to get stoned latish anyway so when I feel myself slipping off to sleep I go do the night routine (piss, wash, brush, blaze) :smoke:
  4. My mouth hardly feels dirty after smoking for some reason. It only seems to get dry. Maybe it's because I'm a raw food person (basically vegan who doesn't eat bread), so thanks to all the acidity of the fruits and something in spinach, it seems to clean my teeth. However, if I do eat 'normal people' food, I have to brush my teeth, because my mouth feels disgusting. I rarely have bad breath (when I do I brush immediately), and my mouth feels clean all the time. People think it's disgusting, but that's just because they eat processed/unhealthy food so they've never gone a whole day with a fresh feeling mouth for no reason.

  5. So you're essentially saying you don't brush your teeth everyday because you think that your healthy diet makes up for that?

    You're kidding, right?........... :laughing:
  6. No, my teeth never feel wierd after smoking.

    Also I read a steve jobs biography once, and he ate the same way and used to tell people he didn't need to shower for the same reason you said you don't need to brush your teeth. It ended with him getting denied a job because of it, and people constantly telling him to shower.
  7. #7 Silemanx, Aug 7, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2012
    Yep. If you spend the whole day eating food that's natural, your mouth will feel insanely clean. Really! I mean, I do brush my teeth when I feel gross, but that's rare. Have you ever eaten a lemon and your teeth get dry? That's basically what happens to me all day. But check it out: Tribal people who only natural foods never loose teeth, they have healthy teeth. Animals have healthy teeth, blah blah blah. Processed foods and breads are really bad for us, but we eat them anyway. This is why dental problems are so prominent. Dentists tell us to avoid sugary foods because that amount of sugar is really unnatural. I once read a report about how some 'civilized' people introduced processed foods to a tribal group of people, and they began losing/rotting teeth.
    But yeah, no bad breath, no plaque, white teeth. How might I get rotting teeth if all that is happening? "My mouth feels healthy and fresh all the time, but suddenly all my teeth turned black and fell out,". It doesn't seem plausible. It's not like we had toothbrushes in the wild.

    Sorry long post..

    Well that must mean he looked/smelled dirty. I take a shower daily. But no ones ever said I have bad breath, and I've asked too, and I do that spoon trick. (where you lick a spoon and you wait for it to dry and you smell it) I am being completely honest. It's only when I eat unnatural food that I get an inescapable gross feeling mouth. Like right now, I'm eating strawberries/bananas/grapes, and my mouth is progressively getting more clean feeling. So basically eating fruit in the morning is how I brush.
  8. I don't brush either. Sometimes if im meeting a girl up and I know were gonna be making out, but I've never had a cavity and my teeth look fine
  9. Even if I ate healthy foods and my teeth felt clean I'd still have to brush them in the morning and at night :s Idk, just seems like a habitual thing to do now.
  10. i have never brushed my teeth before in my life and dont intend on doing so in the near or distant future

  11. Nice first post :D
  12. Depends where I am and if brushing my teeth is something I can easily do.. If im tokin in my bedroom then yes ill go brush my teeth after because i hate the taste in my mouth after a while.

    If im out with friends of course i'm not going to brush my teeth.

  13. I wasn't coming at you, I just thought it was funny and relevant.
  14. If you don't brush your teeth that's gross idc what the reason is.. Ew

  15. I didn't think you were, I just get overly excited when I get a chance to talk about how awesome my food habits are. xD Also, on a related kind of gross note, eating like me makes passing gas/waste smell-less. It's awesome as hell.
  16. Yeah i have invisilines so i have to take them out before smoking and i always eat then brush my teeth before putting them back on.
  17. Yeah,I don't want my breath to smell like shit.
  18. I don't consistently brush my teeth after toking but i like too...
  19. I brush my teeth twice a day but ive never felt like i needed to after smoking. I just need a drink and im fine :)
  20. Animals go their whole lifes without brushing their teeth, they just dont drink soda and shit.

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