Do you brush your teeth everyday?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tinklepee, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Yeah 2-3 times daily.
  2. Yup. I couldn't stand having to eat or anything else for that matter without having washed my teeth...
  3. I can't go to sleep unless my teeth are brushed.
  4. Yep I hate that grainy slimy feeling u get if u don't brush for a day and I wanna keep my teeth till I die
  5. pshh what am i some sort of fancy shmancy celebrity
  6. Maybe every 6 out of 7 days. Usually there's at least one day a week where I get drunk and forget/don't bother to.
  7. All day every day baby.


    Look at the cute toothbrush couch.

    My tooth brush atm is blue :D
  8. Yew.... Who doesn't brush everyday. I brush twice...
  9. i honestly have not brushed my teeth in like a month. no joke

    I should but hey, i dont feel like putting chemicals in my mouth.

    Been doing this for years, no problems with my dental health.

    i will brush it soon though, with organic tooth paste hopefully if i can still find it.
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    I actually knew a dude who according to his ex would go days without showers and sometimes forget to brush his teeth. And for some reason that guy gets all the girls (eewww)
  11. Could be the pheromones found in his sweat.

  12. I know a guy like that too; the dirtiness is part of the appeal i think.

    Ive wondered the same question, how the fuck do they like him?
  13. yeah...2 times a day.. who doesn't lol?
  14. Yes I brush everyday for sure lol

  15. Dude, seriously? Your breath prolly reeks of bung hole and death.
  16. sometimes i don't brush, or shower, or leave the apartment during a weekend when i am in a 'i am going to be drunk and high' for the next 3 days state.
  17. Me too lol
    Must be a NY thing

    I usually dont use toothpaste when I do brush them. Theres enough flororide in the water - you see what they put in the toothpaste??:eek::eek:
  18. Nope, if I ain't going nowhere I don't feel the need to
  19. Wow. Some of you must really be unhealthy! :p

    I can't imagine my mouth being all nasty for just skipping a day of brushing. I use some all natural tooth paste and I usually brush every other day.

    I don't have bad breath.
    and my tongue is looking very healthy.

    Back in the day Chinese checked the back of the tongue to judge a persons over all health. I'd say mine looks pretty damn good.

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