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Do you believe one can lose their soul while alive?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Cannabliss88, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. I mean how would we even know and then would we just be in a void of nothingness for eternity.
    What is your take on this?

  2. Prove that people have something called a soul first
  3. people can lose sight of who truly are, their vital essence
    it cant be lost, but very well something that can be void from being experienced.. what do you think?
  4. You'd have to do a hell of a lot of walking to lose your sole.
  5. Your "soul" is the one thing that you can't lose. It is you. The body can be shed like a worn jacket, but the soul is the essence of your awareness.
  6. I guess in a way it's like losing your soul if you go insane for whatever reason and can never go back to normal. 
    \t<span><span>llllllllll</span>, </span>have you ever 'seen' or touched the one who 'sees' what is seen by your tangibly personal pair of eyes? Not the tangible body or pair of eyes that is seen when standing before a mirror, but, the one who sees a reflection of the body and pair of eyes it (the 'x') is seeing through?
  8. I think u can. look on YouTube. it's scary. all celebs have either stated straight out or in a way that they "sold their soul" or have to "carry out their contracts". I swear. I even watched a video johnny depp explaining how he never watched a movie he starred in because it's not him on the screen. it's the spirit he agreed to work with. look it up. it's scary.
  9. and on that look up beyonce, nicki minaj, and like denzel Washington too. they all say right before they performe "something" comes into them and they pull off amazing shows. they even say they can't explain it. coincidence??
    Can you repeat this in sane person speak?
  11. There was a study within 10 or so people and when they died a significant weight was loss so a soul is real. To those about to quote me trying to change my mind don't you are very annoying
    I understood it well.
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    A psychologist just did. If you don't want to believe evidence that is in front of your face then goodbye sir. Please don't reply I don't enjoy dealing with ignorance.
  14. maybe you have trouble reading then
    "New scientific theory recognizes life's spiritual dimension"
    Theory proves nothing. Its exactly what it says, a theory.
    You can't prove people have a soul, because its not a real thing. Just like heaven.
    You're going off of a study of 6 people, from 1907.. Since the study, people who are believers bought into it as being their soul, but weight loss is a constant thing. Believers like yourself then took the fact that people lose weight constantly (when you die, you're not longer taking in energy to make up for the loss) and worked it into their belief.
    Of the only study to test a soul's weight, in 1907, based off of 6 people.. only 1 actually lost weight as claimed. 2 of the results had to be thrown out because of technical issues, 1 lost about half of the weight claimed but then reversed and gained it back (probably a technical problem), and the other 2 showed a weight loss and then showed another weight loss minutes later.
    So you can find this annoying, but I don't care. You've already stated you're going to be stubborn as fuck about it, but the joy of being on a public forum is others will see this.. I can promise you that you don't find this as annoying as I find people centering their life and belief system over misinformation, which is what you're doing.
    Seriously, this was done in 1907! Over 100 years ago.. There has not been another scientific attempt since then and from the attempt in 1907, only 1 person showed the claimed amount of weight loss, 21 grams, and it was those findings that built the myth of a soul's weight. Basically dude weighed the first person, saw 21 grams, assumed that was the case but couldn't reproduce it in the next 5 people.. yet the story got out and those who allow others to think for them bought into it.
    It's quite intelligble.. you just need a little effort.
    And, if by "factual" or "proof" you mean something that's empirical, i.e., demonstratable before the five senses, then do you have "factual evidence" or "proof" that you yourself think? I mean, have you ever empirically experienced a thought?
    There's a lot more to this reality than rigid material physicality..
    Have you ever empirically experienced the flying spaghetti monster in all its ragu greatness?? I have. Its totally for realzies
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    Right, blind yourself by employing other prejudices - a real scholar we have ladies and gentlemen.

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