Do you believe in time travel?

Discussion in 'General' started by ludachris, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. I order for time travel to be possible (at least TRUE time travel) then there would have to be a such thing as fate. And i don't believe in fate. So no.
  2. I'm pretty sure there was a long dissucsion on titor somewhere else on the boards, try the search button if you want to read it.

    IMHO, I don't think its possible, but he had some damn good guesses
  3. if you are interested in time travel google "philadelphia experiment"
    it is about a navy experiment trying to become invisable but traveling thru time instead
  4. First time I saw that site (I discovered it a long time ago)
    I belived some of the stuff.

    Yet if you look reaaalll close and do your research youll see that john titor is a hoak.

    He even contricdicts himself severel times on that site.

  5. im not saying i believe this titor guy is real, but he did say some shit that made me really think
  6. omg you could like smoke weed every second of your life! Smoke it than travel back in time and smoke it again :D UNLIMITED MARIJUANAAAAAAAA!

  7. yeah, only you couldnt because you would see yourself on the "worldline" as he puts it, and there would be the same amount of weed for 2 of you.... then if you go back again.... 3 of you... and so forth....

    im gonna read it all and put in my 2 cents worth when i am done. ive seen how he contradicts himself... and why the fuck did he "sell" the timetravel car....seems to me that this was posted right after the austin powers movie or something. and i remember talking to my physics teacher about this and he said that it is IMPOSSIBLE to move back in time.... but you can move forward in time SIGNIFICANTLY, by moving extremely fast. or lesser, like if 1 twin went into space for 10 years. the one in space would only be like 5 years older, and the one on earth would be 10 years older.

    like i said, ill read it..... the thing that got me the most was that there was a war that killed 3 billion ppl.... then this machine was made by GE..... i doubt that this is true, why would ppl by worrying about washers and dryers and stuff when everyone died off....... plus i think he meant GM, because it is a car...which got me the most.... a time machine car....... if a real time maching existed i bet it would not be a car......

    and one question... when did the book "Time Machine" come out...?

    [edit] i just noticed something really cool.... the new capital in 2005 will be Omaha, Nebraska..... sweet... thats where is live.... :). which is possible because we have SAC here... that is where the president went after the 911 attack when all air travel was closed, and i came home from school, and saw air force one flying overhead......they have all the nuclear lauch capabilities here too.... along with a plane that flies in the upper atmosphere 24/7 that cane launch nukes from the ground also..... it also has all the important information of the world in its computers....including all documents. pretty cool.... jsut that it was pretty interesting...
  8. That's not really moving forward in time. That's just Einstein's theory at work. the closer you move to the speed of light, the less time affects you.....Also you get shorter and fatter, until you go faster than the speed of light and are crushed into a singularity.
  9. HEY! you shutup....... it is called NATURAL time travel........ you can even ask john titor himself.... he said it.....o wait you cant..... darn. well read that thing... i got 3/4 the way thru and am putting it off.... and he doesnt really contradict himself at all.... and he "prophesizes" about 911 (he mentions planes alot), iragi freedom (mentions middle east, and how ppl over there will be missing legs and arms from war) and alot of other shit. he also mentions the super bowl and new york thing... which kinof makes him look more like a hoax, because he said new york, yet they didnt win. lots of things.... its kindof interesting to read. the pics are pretty gay, and why it is in a car, i do not know.

    but now, since it is 2004, i seriously doubt any civil (or any war period) here. but it is kindof fishy, whoever the new president will be..... prolly kerry. maybe hell fuck things up. but i guess his little plan is foolproof if he is a hoax. think about it, every possible contradiction anyone makes to him, he can back it up..... either a well thought out hoax made by some smart guy or physicist, or it is the real deal.
  10. It was kinda scary with all the speculations he makes. I don't think it was true but it's something to think about.

    I don't doubt that time travel may be possible. Hopefully if we discover a way to easily traverse time we'll have learned enough not to use it. I can't imagine a world that is still crippled from war developing a time machine.
  11. no and the only reason i dont think it would be possible is because as soon as you changed the past the future would also change, like say you were hit by a car and paralyzed as a kid and u went back into the past to stop yourself from gettin paralyzed, ultimately theres a damn good chance that if u werent paralyzed you would have never traveled in time in the first place, so it just wouldnt work, anybody understand what i mean?

    traveling into the future might be possible, but i dont think after u traveled into the future that u could get back to the past... haha now that i think about it traveling into the future wouldnt be possible either because you would defy time, like say you traveled a week into the future, in order for it to be time travel u'd have to get there in a relatively short period of time (like less than that week in time), and like you would have just disappeared for a week until u came back that following week u that were supposed to. haha again is anybody understanding wat i'm saying? cuz i'm not very good at putting my thoughts into words.
  12. You cannot travel in time. What happend has happened people are dead they cannot come back. And as for traveling in the future it has not happened yet therefore you cannot go to it its that simple. Besides if people COULD travel in time which they cant im sure people from the future would be traveling back and helpin us or something... i dunno i just know you cant do it.

  13. Actually not true. you can trave to the PRESENT. Travelng to the future is possibe, but when you get tere you can't go back.

    Like the other poster said, if there were two twins one went to space for ten years, were you travel extreme fast rotating around the earth The twin that stayed on the ground would look and be alot older than the girl who went into space.

    They did a study where they took two atomic clocks. Left one on the ground and sent one in a space shuttle. (that once again rotates around the earth at extreme speeds) When the clock that was in space landed it was behind the clock that stayed on the ground.

    If you don't believe me pick a phyics book.

    And for further info on space travel and theories of time travel, read the steven hawkins book on blackholes and timetravel.

    Some of the stuff john titor talks about how the timemachine works and theories of time travel is in that book.

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