Do you believe in the paranormal?

Discussion in 'General' started by Weebie, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I saw somebody posting about ghosts and it just got me thinking. Some people do and some people don't.

    I personally do believe in the paranormal. :hello:
  2. what proof do you have?
  3. There is some undeniable proof that I have found and have personally experienced which is why I believe what I believe.

    I'll post some links if I can find any a little later.
  4. Define paranormal. Is there stuff that we dont now about... yes. Are there ghosts bothering me because my house is on an indian graveyard... no.
  5. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Find it and get back to me.
  6. No such a thing as proof. And yes I believe in paranormal.
  7. :confused:
  8. think about can you prove anything 100%? whats 100% to begin with? you can always question a "proof"

  9. No such thing as proof. prove what i just said. If i drop a pencil PROVE IT. I've seen something crazy and that is enough for me to believe.
  10. You can question evidence, not proof.

    You've seen something crazy...that's enough for you to believe? Why not instead of merely claiming something is "paranormal," investigate into what actually happened? There's a logical explanation to everything. To decide that it's a paranormal thing is a cop out, instead of searching for an actual solid explanation.
  11. I've SEEN a ghost, so yes I would say I do believe they are around.
  12. Ive seen a ghost before. Back in high school this girl killed herself. She had dated my friend and i and hung around our group of friends prior, but got in a fight with us a few months before her commiting suicide. Months later she kills herself for unknown reasons yada yada yada...Im in bed one night and see her looking at me from outside my window. Just flying like an angel, we meet eyes then she flys off for the last time. I never tell anyone what i think i saw. Jump ahead a few months and my friend and i are talking and turns out he had the same vision. We even agreed on some of the same words to describe our storys.

    Anyway my point is that, that was proof to my friend and i that ghosts/paranormal things exist. But is it proof to anyone else? of course not.
  13. [quote name='dynasty']You can question evidence, not proof.
  14. When I was 6 or 7, I lived in a house in a small town where people had died previously. Not in a murderous way, but people had just you know passed away there. To this day I'm not sure if what I saw was real or not, but I most definitely saw it. It was probaby around 9 or 10pm, I was in my room, and this woman dressed in clothing from an era long ago, your typical white translucent person is what I saw, hovering, the room was almost pitch black but I could see her.. I shit myself and ran to my parents room. Not literally, but I was very startled. They of course were just like.. oh yea, nightmare or whatever.. But that's the one and only time I have ever felt like I saw a ghost, not just something that's in my head. I'm not making this up, it happend. It's one of the most memorable things of my life. I was REALLY scared!
  15. It's like... how do you prove the third dimension exists in a 2 dimensional world? How do you prove the 4th exists in a 3 dimensional world? We can't see it, so we just have to sense it I guess. IMO ghosts transcend the 3rd dimension into the 4th, so people who died long ago embody different frequencies (weird sounds) in the third dimension because that's all there is for them there, and all they have in common with out dimension.

    Make sense? 4th dimension is time and space, so ghosts travel the time space continuum to our time or whenever the fuck they want and can't be seen by us because we're 3 dimensional creatures, but we can hear them because ... who the fuck knows.
  16. Ive seen alot of shit. most of it to this day i dont talk about. at all... what happened cuased me, an athiest since i can remember to get baptized.

    I cant really explain it, i don't really want too.

    But another story, in my area, its notoriously haunted. we were walking next to the forest, at about 3 or 4 in the morning, when all 3 people i was with, including a 90% def person heard a blood curdling scream. it wasn't any scream tho, they don't bother me. it was a cry for the last bit of help someone may hear.

    But the thing is, it sounded like a woman screaming in my ear, i felt something around me. it was too close to be anything i couldn't have seen myself.
  17. i dont believe in ghosts because i hate casper the ghost...
  18. Not really, it's fun hearing/telling stories though.

    No, it doesn't make sense...

    It's a quaint little theory, however until there is evidence I can't be convinced.
  20. Not since about 5th grade.

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