Do you believe in the illuminati

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  1. Just wondering because i am seeing a lot of symbolism now a days especially on kids shows like on cartoon network.

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  3. Everyone uses those symbols. Not some super secret group that is trying to take over te world yet still wants to remind you they are there and what they are doing
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  5. Do I believe in the illuminati? not so much

    Do i believe this country is run by secret organizations we know nothing about? you bet your sweet ass I do
  6. Pyramids with eyes? Not everyone uses those symbols. Ive been seeing some here and there lately but not that much.
  7. scooby doo was a cartoon created by the illuminati to convince people to go around wasting gas, buying lots of commercial products (especially abnormally sized foods as a result of genetic engineering), and to become a kind of citizens police. where the average person or even teen can break and enter any building, look through people's personal belongings, and capture and subdue anyone thought of committing any crime, especially those sex freaks who have costume fetishes.

  8. I think your kidding but why would a secret organization who is trying to control the world and thin the population want people to be empowered with vigilantism (Is that a word?).
  9. I was watching the new scooby doo and velmas mom had a gold triangle necklace with an eye in it. My thing is, Why that design? Why not a plain old triangle? And why is this on the back of the American dollar? Also why dismiss something just because it seems far fetched without actual research?

  10. Im pretty sure you just answered your own question.

  11. think of it this way, people are paranoid enough that the cops are going to find their grow op or get busted for possession from the police right? wouldn't people's paranoia rise by a great deal if everyone has the same sense of authority and duty to turn you in? with less restrictions and red tape than the police? people would not trust anyone, and they would be forced to adhere to the rules even more so, not leaving any room for change. another thing, trust between people is an important thing if you want to start a revolution.

    but yes of course its total bullshit, shame on you for taking me seriously haha
  12. youve been listening to too much Alex Jones

  13. Shame on me indeed haha.

    But honestly, that paragraph made perfect sense and if you were all for this Illumanati bullshit you have a solid argument against Scooby-Doo Lmao.

  14. i wonder why people always assume that opposer's to their viewpoint have not done research. more often than not when people continue discussions on who something is or is not it is because of that research that led them to their own conclusions. then again the research most people want is basically the research that proves their point. this of course is not aimed at you but at the vast majority of "conspiracy theorist" who dwell online.

    but lets think about it for a second, why would the cartoonist create that symbol? was it an order from the "top office"? probably not, generally cartoonist are allowed to have some leeway on certain things, some will put a penis or some will make a funny face in the background - all ways of showing that they were there. but lets assume someone did tell that individual cartoonist, what then? is there a specific company under the guise of illuminati who go from company to company demanding that certain vague symbols be inserted otherwise they would lose their job? if so why isn't there any talk among cartoonist themselves?

    since if this happens as frequently as some think there would be some recognition of this happening and it would be discussed at some point no? why then is there no talk of these things from famous cartoonist? why is there no one speaking out? surely not all cartoonist who were forced to do this were let in on the huge secret on exactly what will happen to them if they do. unless the illuminati is so powerful it can command entire generations into silence, in that case i wonder if it in fact the illunimati or some type of god we are talking about
  15. The eye of providence? Thats been around since ancient Egypt. Its not like its a super secret symbol used exclusively by one group
  16. Eye of Providence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  17. thats because i combined half truths (scooby doo does indeed exist) + huge assumptions (known as the "argument") + ideas with a forbidding past or generally negatively looked upon (genetic foods) = illuminati

    your formula to convincing people just about anything!
  18. [​IMG]

    With all the pyramid eye talk....

    this one has TWO eyes! Artist robert dean must be part of the ever more secret and powerful double illuminati!
  19. [​IMG]








    Food for thought ;)

  20. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm convinced. Eyes and pyramids are proof that a secret group of people rules the world. Even though they're smart enough to orchestrate all of these things, they couldn't find a way to keep it a secret.

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