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Do You Believe In Karma?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Story, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. #1 Story, Nov 15, 2011
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    Just curious, do you believe in it, or not?
  2. i don't because the amount of times I've done something good or helped someone nothing good happens back, like the time i found a $600 camera gave it back then the next day my BRAND NEW ipod got stolen lol
  3. [quote name='"nzstoner"']i don't because the amount of times I've done something good or helped someone nothing good happens back, like the time i found a $600 camera gave it back then the next day my BRAND NEW ipod got stolen lol[/quote]

    Sorry man, that's cool you returned the camera though! It's nice to know there are still genuine people out there. :)
  4. Same with me dude, I try to do nice things and be respectful towards people, but I get treated like crap and receive nothing good in return. It seems like karma is only true when you do something bad.
  5. yea man i totally agree
  6. Karma seems like it only works when you do something bad. :(
  7. nope. karma exists not as a supernatural force that evens things out , but as a fact that if your a dick to everybody people wont like you and may try to hinder you, where as if your nice and generous to everyone they will like you and want to help you if you need it. that is what i think karma is
  8. I totally believe it. I try not to wish bad things upon people, I wish them well even if they've hurt me. I try to make peace. Even though you might not see it, karma can come whenever the fuck it wants. You may have returned a wallet or money, but when you expect karma to come it won't. In my opinion it happens when it wants, when the time is right. You may not even notice when karma comes your way, it could be the smallest thing like not getting into a car accident, or just being safe in an unsafe place. I don't know, I'm stoned and rambling :smoke:
  9. YA! :hello:

    Funny story though..

    EDIT: Also forgot to say that this was on his 22nd birthday lololol

    A buddy of mine is downtown getting hammered then decides to go stumbling home alone. A dude stops him and says "Hey you have a dollar i could have" my friend stops and thinks... He comes to the conclusion this is an excellent chance to gain + positive karma points so he replies yes as he proceeds to pull his wallet out. Once my buddy opens his wallet the dude rips it out of his hands and takes everything. I.d., Student Id (which he has already lost 7 previous times), debit card, and other miscellaneous things. Moral of the story? dont do shit for people after 2 am. :D
  10. No, I don't believe in karma. Where's the science or logic behind it? Is it supposed to work because of magic?? There is no karma or god or "luck" or whatever else. There's just coincidences and whatever we want to read into them. The real world is made of science, if what you're suggesting isn't scientific then it's not real.
  11. No just Unicorns
  12. I don't believe in karma at all. But it feels great knowing I'm a good guy, not scum.
  13. It's as simple as treating others the way you would want to be treated.
  14. I feel like it's bad karma to not believe in

    Idk. The last year I have lost my gf, moved back home, been laid off, incurred thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, battled an alcohol and gambling problem, was part of a business partnership that led to even more debt, gained weight, suffered through severe depression, lost all my friends, lost the respect of my family, been called names on a daily basis like "loser" and "failure", been ignored on a daily basis and pretty much just sleep a lot. I've lost almost all hope.

    If karma is real, I sure must have done something really crappy to be where I am.
  15. It holds no logic...Good does not always equal good, and what of the frame of mind? Obviously a bad muthafucka isn't going to see him poppin' a cap up in your ass as 'bad.'

    No, but I don't find any logic in a karma system...Makes me think of grade school and the whole karma system, and even then I liked black or red.:cool:
  16. very much so
  17. There's two types of karma: the Buddhist karma in which you are all referring and the Hindu karma which refers to a person's action/duty in life with little regard to moral conduct. (In an Asian Religions class in college--figured I should put some use to the knowledge).
  18. You should just do good things anyways.
  19. People today forget the fact, Karma is not a reward system. If you even have the slightest notion for example questioning if karma is real because life is not going your way, It is null.

    You can't fake being good.

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