Do you believe in GOD?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Alien, May 5, 2002.

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  1. Hello everybody.

    Do you believe the existance of GOD? I was wondering how many of you believe in GOD? I myself believe in GOD. The One true God.

    \"He is God the One God, the Everlasting Refuge, who has not begotten, nor has been begotten, and equal to Him is not anyone.\"

    \"God is the Creator of everything. He is the guardian over everything. Unto Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth.\"

    Some people (many) doesn\"t believe in God, so i thought why not talk about it and exchange ideas.

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  3. While normally I would post a detailed explanation of my views on the issue, I have niether the time nor the drive to compile such a statement.

    So I will summarize my views as quite simply-

    \"No. God fuckin sucks, fucking losers.\"
  4. I just dont think about. I\'m not gonna let a religion or God govern my life. No one can prove\\disprove the exsistance of a God. If God is what makes you complete..awesome more power to ya. The idea of a God who accepts those who follow him and punishes those who deny him just doesnt work for me.
  5. I won\'t say God doesn\'t exist, because I have no way of proving that. But I don\'t believe in any god. I\'m a cynical atheist, me :)
  6. Yes, I do believe in God. I worship him because he made all things good, including marijuana. There is a writer named C.S. Lewis that was an athiest. He decided to find out if there was any evidence of the existance of God. After only one week of looking into the subject, he became a devoted Christian. Please, read some of his books, such as \"Mere Christianity\". I\'ll continue to tell you a reason I believe that there is a God and He is the Christ.

    If you believe that Jesus was a real person (it has been proven), and you believe that His moral teachings are good, you cannot deny Him being God unless you are completely uninformed. It is reasonable to assume that if Jesus said He was God, He was either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord. If you believe that His teachings were good and truthful, then you cannot say that He was a liar or a lunatic because if He was He would be lieing about His very identity, being the Lord, God, and Savior. If you want to hear more on the subject then feel free to message me. But please, don\'t say things like \"fuck God\" because you don\'t know that He does not exist, so please do not patronize Him.
    If you believe in God but don\'t worship him (or anyone/thing), I believe that you are extremely foolish. God and Satan are engaged in a Holy War, the results have already been told. God will win this war. Why would anyone want to be on the losing side?

    With that said, I will not disrespect you for your belifs. Toke up and be happy.
  7. \"I believe that you are extremely foolish. God and Satan are engaged in a Holy War, the results have already been told. God will win this war. Why would anyone want to be on the losing side?\"

    I\'m not on the losing side, because I\'m not siding with Satan. How can I side with something I don\'t think exists?

  8. i don\'t believe in god in the way you\'re thinking
  9. God is AWESOME!~ There is no life better!~ He is so REAL!~ God is AWESOME! Life with Him is SPECTACULAR! He fills me with love, peace, and joy unspeakable. I walk in His grace. There is no life, no existence that could possibly be better.

    However, I don\'t believe you can believe in God without acknowledging the existance of evil. I don\'t know how you can exist in this world and not recognize evil. 9-11 was just the latest of the countless---outright evil---hitler and the nazi\'s----and you can go back to the beginning. It doesn\'t matter whether you believe in evil or if you don\'t---It doesn\'t matter whether you believe in God or not----It doesn\'t matter whether you believe in a different god--- The TRUTH is the TRUTH and it EXISTS and it\'s REAL and it just plain and simply IS.

    So, to me, it isn\'t really what side your on. It\'s whether you want walk with Him or without Him. There will be some winners and some losers. I, personally, want to be a WINNER!
  10. It sounds like you have serious codependancy issues.

    Why don\'t you try livng your life for yourself, and not for the magical mystery man in the sky who calls the shots. Why don\'t you try thinking on your own instead of just spouting the stereotypical tripe of a brainwashed christian? Why don\'t you find some other crutch to lean on when life gets tough besides the existance of a being that watches out for you?

    How about you take some time and think about life and what you want out of it. How about you give yourself some credit for the grace, love and happiness in your life. How about you take a step back from the whirlwind of religious poison you have had fed to you since birth. How about you live your life for today. How about you set a better goal for your life than to \"follow the rules\". How about you face your fears and consider the very real possibility that one day you will die, and right at that last second of consciousness, when you realize that death is just that--the end of existance on every plane--that you will be faced with the shocking truth that your whole life was nothing. In a second it will hit you that you wasted the power of existance trying to please something that doesn\'t even exist. In an instant it will dawn on you that all that time, all those wasted Sundays, all those lost years, all that false morality, all that you have dedicated your existance to--it\'s all for nothing now.

    So go on, continue to delute yourself, if that is what you need to give your sad life purpose. Continue to waste away your years.

    I\'ll be out there living for today.
  11. You have no idea what kind of life I have. What gives you the right to judge me? You don\'t even know what I think. You have no idea of who I am. It seems to me you have a serious problem. You are so very wrong about me. You want to talk about who is or thinks as a stereotypical tripe of a brainwashed idiot. Who\'s being fed the bullshit?
  12. All I need to know is in your post. Hard evidence of the kind of thoughts you have and life you lead.

    And that\'s not really great usage of the word tripe. It\'s a stretch.
  13. First of all I actually copied your quote and substituted idiot for Christian! But it was your conotation of the word tripe.

    You have a stereotypical view of my life. You cannot possibly tell from what I have posted here what I\'m really like.

    One of my favorite quotes which I choose to live my life by is my high school graduation saying which is \"Live life each day for you are not promised tomorrow.\" So see, we agree on how to live our lives. As you said at the end of your post, \"I\'ll be out there living for today.\" I also believe that. Live your life to the fullest. Be happy. Have fun. Enjoy! Go for it all. I want it all!!!!!

    All you really know about me is that I truly with all my heart believe there is a God. You would know I believe there is evil in this world. And now you know I live my life for today. To the fullest. So...stop judging me!!!! You have NO RIGHT!
  14. ME:

    \"Why don\'t you try thinking on your own instead of just spouting the stereotypical tripe of a brainwashed christian?\"


    \"You want to talk about who is or thinks as a stereotypical tripe of a brainwashed idiot.\"

    Now, I\'m tired so I\'m not going to go to deep into this, but clearly I was referring to your drivel as tripe, and not your person.

    Thank you.

    Have a God-Fearing-Good-Day.
  15. Wow, peacefull did you start smoking when you were like seven?
  16. \"but clearly I was referring to your drivel as tripe, and not your person.\" elementxero

    Well excuse me for taking your post personally! I felt like it was an outright attack on me. It wasn\'t very clear to me. doesn\'t feel very good, does it. I don\'t like it either. For you to say my first post here was drivel. We are in the Spirituality and Philosophy discussion board. and the subject of the post is \"Do you believe in God?\" I should think I should be able to answer as I see fit. You know. Think for myself!
  17. First of all I want to apologize for spouting off and calling elementxero tripe. I\'m sorry. Please forgive me. I also want to thank elementxero. I gained much from getting so irritated. I lost the peace I had entered this discussion group with. Which led me to prayer. Through spending time with God I have gotten my peace back. I have learned much about myself---about people---about love---forgiveness---understanding. I understood \'why\' I believe there is a God. You told me to give myself credit and I\'m telling you \'NO WAY\'!!! I couldn\'t have gotten here myself. I am a better person right now because of my one trip to a message board. I find that something that was totally out of my control. I am thankful to God that I learned not to lose my peace because someone disagrees with me. I learned I can get control of my irritation and by leaning on God can win! You see---I like being a WINNER!!!!---I am praying for you elementxero. I am thankful you are the person you are right now today. Because if you weren\'t you I wouldn\'t have learned what I learned about myself and my LORD! I figure you really can\'t get mad at me for that because if you don\'t believe in it---why would you care. I am praying that you learn to walk in peace. That you will be totally filled with a peace that surpasses understanding. And I pray that for all the people here on this discussion board. You see I really believe I can change the world through prayer.

    KronosX, I don\'t undrestand your post. But I started smoking at 16.

  18. Oh, I was just wondering because you have the mentality of a seven year old so I figured that must\'ve been when you started.
  19. Peace that surpasses understanding? How can you be at peace with that which you don\'t understand? Alas, such is the premise of christinity.

    Don\'t waste your breath praying for me. If there was a God, I would rape him when I got to heaven and make him scream your name. That is how much I disbelieve in this. I will openly proclaim my intentions to sodemize God himself if his existance could ever (obviously won\'t) be proven possible.

    You interpret my cynicism and dislike of your religion as a sign from God to teach you understanding. Fine. That is a productive way to live life, learning from expiriences. But don\'t give \"God\" credit for your own ability to bounce back and take a piece of the expirience with you. If you need the excuse of a god to allow you to go through life positivly, then so be it. Relgion was invented for people like you. People who need direction. People who need to be part of something important and can\'t face the fact that NOTHING is important. On a long enough time line, NOTHING matters. Given that it takes a strong person to face such a truth, it is no wonder so many seek relgious salvation to mask them from reality.

    This is my final post on the issue as I cannot tolerate any futher conversing with such a closed-minded drone.
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