Do you believe in God?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Monoxide Child, Feb 17, 2004.


Do you believe in God?

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  1. Myself, I do believe in a God.
  2. all that i can say is that if i was a dislexic athiest, i wouldn't believe in Dog.

    Though as for me right now.... i believe in something, but i'll be damned if someone tryes to tell me what it is or force what ever they think upon me....

    but again, thats just me.... ;)

  3. I like to call myself a deist agnostic... if that makes sense! haha...
  4. I believe in a God, although I'm constantly forming differnet thoughts of the details of my beliefs, right now my beliefs could probably be described as a combination of christian, rastafarian, buddhist and a lot of my own theories.
  5. idk what to call it. i believe in god yes, see, i think that we all call it something different. higher force, being, a god, whatever u want to call it. but it's all the same. like, all the religions we have, it's all one god. just that with all the diff cultures we have, it's all been done diff. i can get into a whole diff topic here quite easily so i'm gunna get myself outta this saying that there is a higher being. whether u belong to a religion or not, u know it's there. some don't of course. but, my point is, we are all acknowledging one being.does this make any sence to any of u?
  6. i would like to call my self agnostic.
    i believe something more supreme then humans but i dont know what or where it is.

    u think that religoun would save peoples lives, but it has made more people pay for their lives than any thing else in history. all the wars and battles over religoun. If people would stop lookin at all the differences that we have, and look at our similarities, i think only then i would belive in a religoun.

    As for me now i believe in philosophy.
    Treat others as you would have them treat you.
    Every major religoun in the world uses that phrase
  7. I'd merge the two threads but that usually ends up all sloppy, plus they're both polls and i have no idea how that would change the thread.

    As for the topic I do not believe in any creator from any of the known religions. I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to claim that there is no creator, however. If anything I believe in my own form of 'agnostic zen creationism' (a bit contradictory i know); if we were created it's because we need to act as a counterbalance to something else in the universe that went wrong.
  8. god?
    what is god?
    its up to you, beleif up to you
  9. Yes....I believe in God....things that I have seen, experienced and lived......could not have happened by chance.

  10. Or went right...
  11. I definatley believe in a higher power ... definatley.
  12. Atheist here. I used to be a fairly devout Catholic, but now I don't believe in anything supernatural. I believe that there is a greater system of order of the universe (that we most likely could never comprehend), but not a sentient power.
  13. I don't think that any of us are significant enough to deny existence of an omnipotent deity. That doesn't meant I believe in god either.
  14. I deny it...
  15. JAH is love, when you love you feel him. When you look into the eyes of the ones you love you see him. People want proof of JAH but if there was proof there would be no faith and faith is what keeps man living free. It is religion that puts an imaginary line between us, look with in your self and you will find, find and you will be fine.

  16. Let's just say, my beliefs are evolving.

  17. Not significant enough to deny it?

    Wouldn't you mean not significant(I would say knowledgeable) enough to decide???

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