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Do you believe in God?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Do you believe? That is a question that I have struggled with my whole life. I have wanted to, prayed to believed. I denied the presence of god, but still in my heart held out hope that he is true and that there is a god.

    Well, last friday that changed for me.

    I witnessed a miracle and now my faith in god is stronger than ever. I made a prayer to the Lord and he answered my prayer.

    I was sitting in traffic last friday afternoon, trying to get back to work from running Friday afternoon errands. I'm at a traffic signal and there are two lanes to turn left and two lanes to go straight. I'm in the left turn lane, but the inside of the 2 lanes. There are lots of cars and tractor trailers on the road as usual. I see just in front of me is a car driven by a young teenage or college aged boy. To the left of him is a tractor trailer carrying cattle to the slaughterhouse.

    As I sat in traffic running my life through my mind and hoping to get out of work early for the weekend, I notice a cow on the second floor of the cattle trailer begins pissing. A big stream of piss is coming down from the top of the trailer right behind this boys car in front of me. In an instant I say

    "Oh please God, let that truck pull up just a little bit."

    And guess what????

    God answered my prayer. For whatever reason, the truck driver pulled up just enough so that the cow got to pee all over the boys car while he was stopped in traffic. As the truck moved up, the piss hit the back bumper of the car, moved up the back window, roof, sun roof, front windshield and hood, before the cow ran out of piss.

    Miracles do happen, you just got to keep an eye out for them. :D
  2. LOL! The kid was lucky not driving a cabrio! Or even worse, in stead of the kid it could have been Critter on his Harley...

    But to answer your initial question, yes I believe in God and also many times God answered to my prayers.

    Stay high!
  3. Thanks for reminding me of the that mate :D.......
  4. God may or may not exist, sometimes I have faith and sometimes I do not. I think it is best for all of mankind to agree that 1) no one knows if a God does or does not exist and 2) no one knows which, if any, religion is correct. Until we do this we cannot move forward on the subject.
  5. Everyone has a god.

    Money, Sex, Dope, Power, Food, Whiskey, Running, Jesus.

    Whatever makes you feel the best is your god.

    I personally think that Jesus was a stoner.

    I do believe God put cannabis here for us to enjoy.

    Be careful what you pray for, you might get it.
  6. Oh man absolutely...there is a God without question...I always look at it like this...
    Adolph Hitler & Mother Teresa are both dead, right? You honestly think that both of them ended up in the same place? 1 has a lifetime of helping people, sacrificed all material shit to just help people & feed them & try to comfort people dying of all sorts of diseases & putting her own life at risk...
    Then you got a guy who killed more than 6,000,000 people for no sane reason at all, just because he wanted to & was able to...
    You really think both of them are in the same place right now?

  7. lmfao...

    no..i do not believe in god..
  8. Yes i believe there is a God, i don't know who he/she is or what he/she does, all i know is i have faith and will find out someday.

  9. Watch out for Adolph then...he loves chicky-babes.
  10. ill give him a smack in the head if i ever run into

    i dont believe in god...but i do believe our time here is a test for something later on...
  11. please god, help stoned_soldier type this post.
  12. maybe he duz exist??^^^^^^^^^

  13. Is that a joke? Because i would never change my beliefs (whatever they may be) over an incident like that...
  14. lol...good 1, chikky-babe...U OK!

  15. Really dude...I'm with you on that...was that on the same level as the "parting of the Red Sea"?
  16. I believe in God. I don't care how much crap I get for it since there are so many nonbelievers on this site, but I can't quite fathom a world without God.
  17. Exactomundo, El wango de inferioro...ya gotta love a name like that!
  18. ^ exact opposite for me

    I couldn't possible fathom a world were there is a God. If he were to exist, that would mean he is responsible for all the bad things that happen (all things that happen for that matter) and I can't quite understand why anyone would want to be so cruel.
  19. i can see where this thread is headed.. flame wars between the believers and non believers!

    I like to think of myself inbetween those two groups, if thats possible :) I don't mock beliefs of anyone, and i dont necessarally disbelieve anything. I do however, HATE organized religion. That my friends, is some real evil... and by saying that, i probably didnt help in keeping everyone happy,haha...
  20. No man, I agree...the only thing organized religion is good for are wars! But this no God thing...I don't feel like typing all night. Just let me say this: lol...the Believers are right & the non-believers are wrong! All right? That's that...bye.

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