Do you believe in ghosts?

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  1. Without this thread turning into a discussion on religion, do you believe in the paranormal? Did you have any abnormal happenings that you, to this day, cannot explain?
  2. When I was a child we had a family ghost. Sometimes in the middle of the night when daddy was at his night job we would hear doors slam shut and we would hear ghost moaning from mommys room. Then, in the morning when she cooked breakfast for us there was ectoplasm all over her face! We would say, "Mama, did the ghost haunt you again?" and she would say "Fuck you kid." Spooky.

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  4. I believe in the paranormal because our senses can only pick up so much. I've never seen a ghost before but definitely have an open mind to it.
  5. I absolutely believe in ghosts and other things around us, always have
  6. No I don't. If I did, they'd be buggin me all the time...
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    ... Who was slamming the doors?

    And I believe in ghosts. Why? Because I am a ghost. I'm not a scary ghost, mind you. I'm actually pretty friendly. The name's Casper. I have 3 dead uncles who are just complete douche-bags. For some reason they like to pal around with me in the ghostly world. I hate them so very, very much. But it's all good, because I met this emo chick who has the hots for me even though she's still alive and I'm a ghost. Goth girls these days. She even lets me sleep assault her while I'm in ghost form. Death couldn't get any better.:smoke:

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    The Universe is multi-dimensional.
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    I wish i could toke with a chill ghost but

    Ghosts don't exist.
  10. Duuude, you can tell a ghost to enter your joint and you will smoke him up and he will enter your body!
  11. I've had a few inexplicable events in one of my old places when I was a child. We lived in a house that used to be a hospital. The attic has a bunch of names and dates written all over I would just get an eerie feeling all the time. But the one experience that sticks out is what happened to my bro.

    Okay so my brother is in the attic and he is reading one of the names, he was a little kid so he was reading aloud, and when he finished the name the door to the attic slammed shut and wouldn't open. So he is hitting the door and screaming crying, scared shitless, and my mom hears, runs upstairs and couldn't open the door for a min or two before it finally flew open. Also we never had a problem with door jams ever before with that door.
  12. I've had a wierd unexplainable. I was up in the attic of my house helping remodel, and me and my brother where up there throwin down bricks. He left to go pee, and the portion of the attic is above the bathroom. I heard him start to pee and then I hear someone flip the light switch.
    I tell him to quit fuckin around and then quickly realized that it couldn't be him, he's pissin.
    And then there was some figure standing on the walk way. It was slowly making its way toward me, then my brother turned the light on and asked why I was working in the dark. The walkway was empty but it sure as hell wasn't before.
    That's my story

  13. If I was your little bro I would have shit myself:eek:

  14. Not saying that ghost or paranormal exist, but I've heard when you change around a room that was significant to them they don't like it.

    Thanks for sharing :wave:
  15. Nope. Ghosts don't seem to exist.
  16. I have had several encounters with the afterlife. I remember each one vividly. One in the US, one in Korea and one in Okinawa.
  17. Yep ... Stayed at my dads ex wives house , which was supposedly haunted . Me & the family were taking pics in her living room when we reviewed the pics & there were these orbs floating above her christmas tree & tv . We took more pics & that shit was in different spots everytime.

  18. Care to share one?
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    I was wit my honey and making out wen the phone rigns. i anser it n the vioce is “wut r u doing wit my daughter?”I tell mai girl n she say “my dad is ded”. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    When I was in the Bahamas was staying in a room where there was a double murder. Have you ever seen something in the corner of your eye and when you look, nothing is there? I saw what looked like someone peaking around a corner, but instead of disappearing it stared back at me. I said NOPE and got the fuck out. The next day when I woke up I saw a women's silhouette at the far corner of the room.

  20. Hahaha and yeah I've had the corner of my eye thing happen but sure as hell didn't see something staring back at me when I looked:eek:

    Thanks for sharin' :bongin:

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