Do you believe in fate? At least i do now

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  1. Last Friday me and bro decided that it would be the last day we smoked weed and we did. The day after (Saturday) our parents were holding a dinner for they're friends so they gave us money to go out and buy something to eat so we went out and on the way we decided "Why not make this evening the last time" (Basic stoner thinking lol) so we decided to buy weed and on the way to the cash machine my best friend called me and asked me if he could met me on the way so he could join us to buy some weed and we asked him where we could pick him up and he said that he was in the exact neighborhood that i was heading to to take out the money and meet the dealer (which is a coincidence because he never goes in to that district except now) so we met him and went to the cash machine to take out the money but guess what!? we didn't have enough money on the card (we needed 5$ more) so my friend loaned me 5 bucks. Then we went to buy the weed but we were having problems finding the street were the dealer told us to meet him so we looked for it and found it eventually. Then we bought the weed which was no problem at all but then our way was headed to the shop that sells "Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts" and when i gave the salesgirl the credit card it didn't have any money on it which was very strange because we were supposed to have at least 2$ on the card but it was denied so my friend also loaned me for the blunt. Then when everything was set we drove my friend to his car and went on finding a good place to stuff the weed in the blunt. We went to a place which has this perfect view over the city. When we had stuffed the weed my brother throwed the weed plastic bag out the window and i moved the car maybe 5 meters forward just to have the best view and then we started lighting it up and everything went as normally and when we were half through the blunt we decided to wait for about 5 minutes to finish the blunt because we were high as fuck! when the 5 minutes had past we tried to light the blunt but the lighter didn't work :confused: but still it was brand new (Bought it yesterday) so we tried everything in our power to get it to work but it just wouldn't work. Then suddenly we saw a car driving up the hill were we were and then my brother said it was the police so i turned back to check and guess what the fucking police was behind us and 2 officers walked towards the car and we fucking panicked and my brother throwed the blunt under the car seat. Then the officers told us to open our windows and we did (High as fuck) and they immediately smelled the weed and asked if we had been smoking weed and we didn't say anything because we were too high to answer lol :smoke:, so they told us they would have to search in the car so they told us to step out of the car while they were searching. But they didn't find anything so they asked us again "Were you guys smoking weed"? and we just hummed something but they knew we were high because we were shitfaced and Bob Marley was playing in the car and we both had orange juices haha, so they told us to get into they're car and we were shitting our pants i mean what are the chances that the cop would drive out there and find us smoking weed?? But we did as he told us to do so we got in the car and one of the officer was talking to us and telling us that it would be way better for us to tell them we were smoking weed otherwise they would have to test us so we just told him we had been smoking. But they didn't have any proofs so they started searching the car again and they also checked outside the car to check if we had threw anything out of the window but the didn't find anything so they just drove us the police station and told us they had to call our parents (because my brother is only 16)but we begged them not to call them tonight because they were throwing this fancy dinner and we didn't want to destroy everything for them. So they took the car keys of me and drove us to the station. And had to fucking walk all the way home from there :(

    So now it comes to my main thoughts. We were given like 10 signs on the way (Didn't have money for the weed but my friend loaned us, didn't have money for the blunt so my friend loaned us again (This is the first time ever that i have no money on my card), we were so lucky to have throwned the weed bag outside the window and move the car 5 meteres forward so the police didn't find any proofs so nothing really happened to us legally.And the biggest reason Friday was supposed to be our last day ever but we smoked the day after :confused:

    What do you guys think? What are the chances that all the things above happened exactly on the last day? Is this fate ?

    Ps. We had like 5 other signs i didn't mention in the story. Like for example the car had no gas, we had to steal the lighter, no one was around so who the fuck called the police, i had been sick all the day and the dealer didn't have the weed on him so he had to go back and get more.

  2. fate is a funny thing. you can know the ending of a book by reading the last page, but living life cover to cover is the only way we know.
  3. I'm pretty sure not many ppl are going to read all that but I did and yea that seems like it could have been fate. I believe in fate to a certain extent cause I too have had many weird things like that happen to me before...oddly one of those times involved weed and cops as well haha

    Btw, try to be a little less obvious about your age next time because it's very obvious you are not 18 ;)

  4. I don't believe in fate. I believe in probability and conscience.

  5. haha i'm 18 but i suck at English grammar, i'm from Denmark :eek:
  6. dude i LOLed when you clipped the blunt bc we do the same thing sometimes we just get too fuckin high! LOL
  7. i meet and dated an awesome girl through what i thought was fate, now shes a crazy bitch.

    so no, no fate lol

    also make your post shorter, or make gaps at least. no ones going to read that monster,
  8. fate is a funny thing
  9. It really isnt.
  10. I see signs all over the place. My iPod randomly got set to 4 hours and 20 minutes ahead of the actual time so :confused_2:
  11. Man I started reading that not realizing the cliff of words I was getting myself into.
    Wasn't till about halfway I started thinking shit this is never going to end but I kept on scrolling down and spiraling deeper into madness as the lines of black and white blurred into nothing.

    Then I was eased out by a few short paragraphs.

    I don't know if fate exists how could I?

    Maybe it's your fate to finish the other half of that joint in the near future ?

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