do you believe in animal spirit

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Jeff Fischer, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I thinking as I'm high now. like are souls are in animal body as the same time as in are
    Like my dog has my dad soul in him . He act the same as my dad but in a dog way of doing thing
    Also my pet ravens act like people maybe they have human souls too maybe that recalcitrant
    or long forgotten ancient pagan belief just stoned here thinking to myself out loud bro
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    I believe so.
    Why would humans be the only living things with souls? That wouldn't be fair and make sense to how everything in the universe is ultimately inter-connected with each other. Just because we are known to be the most advanced form of organic technology or whatever you want to call it doesn't make us superior to others because if we go deep enough we are all the same. We all come from stardust.

    Soul AKA Energy
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  3. there is no such thing as a 'soul'.

    animals have goals though. The goal of avoiding pain. That's why eating animal products is wrong.
  4. Don't know if anything as a soul, but if people have souls then animals and plants surely have them too.
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  5. We're all energy if that's what you mean...
    But your dad probably isn't residing in your dog...

    I think soul is something we made up. We tend to do that...
    What makes 'you' you, is the experiences you've had, not some mystical word we made up.
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  6. All beings with eyes have a window to that special place that nobody can see.
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  7. Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

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  8. Right, like our whole language, our understanding of the universe, etc. We just label everything to death and may have no meaning to what is real to the existing plains of time and space. We as humans act superior because we stand upright and have thumbs! We probably aren't even close to what reality is to a God, extraterrestrial, or any other species for that matter. Man is too bold, too arrogant and too presumptuous. Eyes open, mouth shut...the way to the enlightened. Stay Green

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  9. The dog is probably a physical manifestation of your mental longing and ravens are historically intelligent and are problem solvers and mimic all forms of life-as for the rest...I wanna know what strain you're smokun cus I want some. Stay Green

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  10. Every time when I'm out skating and see a squirrel, I must stop and attempt to catch it. Maybe my spirit animal is a squirrel?
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  11. No shit, every time I go near water dragonflies have always been drawn to me. Not me to them but then about 5 or 6 times they have defended me from hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and snakes. It's FREAKY but true! I Also, I was at a dead show back when Jerry was still alive and this beautiful little hippy chick gave me a homemade hat w/a dragonfly on it that I have to this day and she said for some reason, she felt like I should have this hat and that she was selling merch across the country to follow the dead that whole year but didn't want money and she wasn't hitting on me cus her old man was w/her, we smoked, talked, and parted ways. Tell me that isn't cosmic!!!

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  12. Joseph Kony is my spirit animal.

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  13. I don't even believe humans have souls,
    so no.
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  14. What is a soul? We as mere ants in the cosmos have made up our own languages, beliefs, and understanding of this so-called universe. Its more like a multiverse. So we can't even fathom what a soul is or if it even exists at all. Including in humans. Ever seen a soul? Ever seen a vampire? See what I'm getting at?

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  15. I like cheeseburgers

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