Do You Believe In Aliens?

Discussion in 'General' started by BudBrownies, May 20, 2013.

  1. I always though that's what killed the dinosaurs, not meteors.
    But, yes, I believe in aliens, but I can't say whether it's true or false because it's just a belief. 
  2. I feel that with the size of the universe there is bound to be some other life form somewhere out there.

    Also, off topic.
    I feel the same way. I also feel, as of yet, we have not actually have aliens travel to our planet. But its possible somewhere, some type of life exists. 
    They probably got to our planet and then realized "Holy shit, this is that planet we learned about in planets class! Ya know, the one that's all polluted and filled with a bunch of idiots, let's go, I don't even wanna stop here".
  5. I am an alien. There are lots of aliens on GC.
  6. As long as they beileve in me...
  7. aliens are illusions to distract you. there is no such thing as aliens, wish they were just aliens..
  8. Oh yes. I think it would be pretty dumb not too considering the size of the universe. 
  9. I think it is very possible.  With the innumerable vastness of space there is almost bound to be some other life.  However, if anyone is going to find the convincing proof of it I doubt it will be one of those guys on a TV show.
    Let me guess - Demons?
    Give me a break. :rolleyes:
  11. I agree, although "ancient aliens" is crap.
  12. I would be more scared if we were alone in the universe
  13. I'd be surprised if there wasn't another life form out there somewhere.
  14. I believe in life elsewhere for sure. I don't necessarily believe they visit our planet though.
  15. same here. as far as ancient aliens goes they falsify a lot of the shit they say on that show. they'll say megaliths are made out of completely different stones than they are. and if you do your research you can find that it is quite easy to move around large stones.
  16. I agree with most of the other people in the thread so far... I think there's a definite possibility that life exists somewhere else in the universe, but I don't believe we've been visited by aliens. 
  17. Your joking right? some of these stones weigh 100 tons, I don't agree that mega lifting seen at egypt at different places was easy unless of course they had some kind of technology that made it easy. And of course this wasn't a human technology.

    There is just no way these people were able to throw around 2-3 ton stones like peddles unless of course they had help.
    I personally think it's much more likely that one of the many theories (like this for instance) of how they were built by humans is correct rather than that aliens must have visited and built the pyramids for them. :poke: 
  19. Of course. As large as the universe is, it would be illogical not to believe in aliens.

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