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Do you answer your phone when you're high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. About 5 months ago, I was talking to my dad on the phone apparently. I only knew this because he told me the next day that he enjoyed our conversation about terraforming mars. He probably just thinks I know alot about it.
  2. I would be scared shitless if people used to call me when I was all toked up. Not friends, but Parents and Business calls. I still don't answer business calls, but it took me a good 9 months to get comfortable talking with my parents on the phone while being high. I know when I've had to many bowls and talking with them no matter what would be a disaster. I still do get that almost 'third eye' impression that they know i'm high when I talk to them....anyone else get that?
  3. yes.

    why the fuck wouldn't I?
  4. If it's an important phone call I'll ignore it and call them back later,

    But when I'm high in the sky and one of my friends calls me the conversation usually sounds like this:

    "Yo Mayn"
    "What up"
    "Shit, whatchu doin'?"
    "Nothin', jus got blazed"
    "Oh thats a new one, Whats goin' down tonight?"
    "Fuck if I kno, wanna get High?"
    "Sure thing, Be right over"
    "Peace Out"

    Except for leavin' out the constant "Uh's and Um's" thats pretty much it

  5. I only answer if its a number I know, otherwise leave a voicemail or text. Usually numbers I don't know won't do that, thus if its not important enough for you to leave a 2 second message to call back then I probably didn't want to talk to you to begin with.
  6. I love talking on the phone blazed
  7. I have trouble talking on the phone wether i be high or sober. So yes i have trouble talking on the phone high.
  8. It depends who it is, if its my family I'll make a decision based on how baked I am, but in most cases I'll answer the phone. I know how to control myself and trust that I can handle myself over the phone.
  9. Haha no way. I don't make any sense when I talk on the phone stoned. People can always tell:D
  10. whenever my friends call me when i'm stoned, they are usually stoned too, so its all good.
  11. i only answer if i think the person calling might be caling about bud
  12. Haha, whenever I talk on the phone high, I get so paranoid.

    Unless it's someone I really need to talk to, I try not to pick up, since I make it so obvious sometimes ;)

  13. hahaha exactly qft
  14. i always answer my phone. i dont see the point of having one if i dont answer it
  15. Whenever I talk to people on the phone when I'm high I get really interested in what they're saying.
  16. I didnt like answering the phone for my ex girlfriend when I was high
    made me trip, didnt wanna deal with her
  17. I usually just freak the fuck out and red button everyone who calls.
  18. i love talking when im high so i answer the phone all the time. I answered my moms call when i had just starting tripping hardcore after eating about 5 grams of shrooms.
  19. 99% of the time I'm on the phone, either I'm high, or the other person/people are. Nothin weird anymore.
  20. we call that the "Fuck you button" here lol

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