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Do you answer your phone when you're high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I get so damn confused when sober people call me after blazing. I'm curious if long time tokers feel this way too.

    When someone calls me im never really sure how to act.:eek:
  2. Personally I think if anything it'd be easier to talk on the phone blazed than talking in person blazed. The only problem about talking on the phone high is that I never wanna turn my music down and the person on the other end of line usually starts bitching about not being able to hear me.
  3. I love talking on the phone high. When someone calls you its nice to just have a random conversation for about 5 min. It also might give you an idea of something kick ass to think about for a bit.
  4. I hear that. But I'd rather talk to someone high than sober so I feel comfortable saying whats on my mind. I get very philosophical when I blaze
  5. One of the things you have to do as you smoke is learn how to handle yourself. Know how to talk high, and how to have a conversation. I can talk to anyone no matter how stoned I am and have a good conversation it is nice(even though sometimes I may end up sidetracking and getting into that "stoner talk" like right now).
    If that makes any sense
  6. whenever i answer the phone high and its one of my friends theirs a chance of the convo going for a while lol
  7. i usually turn my phone off lol
  8. I will if im not in the middle of something. I can sound sober over the phone if needed.
  9. it all depends who. im not going to pick up my phone and update my parents on how ive been for 30 minutes. if its a friend ill pick up and see whats up.
  10. haha it all depends who's calling my phone. I'd much rather talk to someone blaste don the phone rather than talk to them in person though.
  11. this is sort of a two-sided question:

    i love talking to my FRIENDS when i'm high. it's awesome, even on the phone.

    parents, school, business--DEFINITELY not.
  12. I don't answer my phone. Ever.
    ..I listen to the messages and sometimes call back
  13. I try to avoid that , phone conversations while high do not work for me. I usually try and say something then half way through totally forget what I'm saying then the other person is like "whaaa...?"

  14. ^^ This. I hate talking on the phone, sober or high.
  15. Prank calls arent fun when your really blazed and confused:mad:
  16. i personally like talking to certain people on teh phone high, just because they can drone on and on when im sober so it just makes it that much easier to listen to them

    it really depends on who's calling
  17. As long as I'm not packing a bowl, I'll answer it. I usually enjoy having conversations with people while high.
  18. my girlfriend and i usually just look at the persons name whos calling. and contemplate on answering or not. by the time we answer they have already hung up though....
  19. If it's a call I need to take, ie a relative or co-worker, blah blah, I'll take it unless there are people acting dumb around. If it's just a friend I'll reject the call & hit them up with a text. Just what I do.
  20. im the opposite. i ALWAYS answer my phone regardless of who it is, where i am, or what im doing. if i dont pick up i try to call back within a few minutes. my theory is why have a phone if youre not gonna use it? plus i have no problem carrying on a regular conversation while high.

    my mom knows why im high. she always trys to talk to me when im high. about school, my feelings, work, w/e and i dont mind. she knows im willing to talk when im high. she also knows the best time to get me to do chores is when im high cuz i wont complain. she knows me too well.

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