do you all use your home computers for this site

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kaBLAM, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. just partner is super paranoid about this site (as am I).
  2. yeah cops usually hang out here and trace your ip then bust down your door and arrest you for talking about weed. they are probably about to come get you now just for registering, hope you are not using your home computer right now or your fucked.
  3. i wouldnt do that if ur parents are anti-drugs, i use my personal laptop and i STILL delete my history just in case
  4. Ya just set your preferences to delete your history every time you close the internet browser if you are paranoid, but posting on this site isn't illegal...

  5. ohhhh...a wise ass i see.

    i'm being's not just that i registered,'s that people are talking about growing and posting pictures and shit.

    i can't see being on this page in a library! and then uploading incriminating pics into the library computer? it seems safer to do it from home...but i could be missing some important piece of information...WHICH IS WHY I ASKED.

  6. hehehehe...i definitely do not live with my parents.
  7. i dont think you have anything to worry about unless your on here posting pics of you with like 10 pounds and talking about selling it. as for using other computers i mean if someone sees you lookin thru here and they are anti weed i guess they could give you some dirty looks but its not illegal to post here. i suppose if for some reason some asshole dea agent hated you he might be able to use somethin on here to get you but i really dont know. i just figure it would be more trouble than its worth for any LE to try to bust people on here.
  8. freedom of speech guys...... im not paranoid at all... i got my med card... in cali.... not worried
  9. well why the fuck u paranoid,i dont give a fuck about cops,they cant say shit
  10. i only use my home comp. wouldnt want anyone at work to know i smoke weed even though i know all of them smoke all the time.

  11. cause i still have a family that i'm responsible for...and a job that i won't ever be able to get again if i'm convicted of a felony.
  12. This forum is a legal communication platform for the exchange of information, that's all. Don't worry about LEO tracing your IP because you posted something here about growing. But I agree you have to be concerned about others who could see your computer activities. I would stay away from using public computers.
  13. Personally, before logging on I hop into my car and drive 6 miles east of my residence...Switch to a 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix I have stashed in a corn field, drive 14 miles southwest and hop onto a dirt bike I've hidden behind a windbreak next to a deserted farm house...From there, I ride (without headlights) down an abandoned dirt track to the nearest pond while wearing a scream mask and pull up an apple IIe I triple wrapped in plastic and sunk underneath the water. I plug the apple IIe into a jerry rigged outlet run by methane from cow farts that is hidden under the bark of an oak tree and surf away. :smoking:

    But you're paranoid. ;)
  14. Lol, ME TOO!!!! NO WAY!
    Wow, what a small world..
  15. I was also kinda paranoid(not for myself). Asking if theres a risk to posting pictures. I PMed someone about it and I got this reply.

    Hope this helped :)
  16. Genius
  17. The main problem is that Grasscity DOES record your IP address. Not the best favour they can do to their members should they get busted - OK, they are based in liberal Holland so that is not so likely. (Unlike OG, where the cops DID obtain a load of IP addresses)

    Do yourself a favour if you are in the US or somewhere else with Draconian laws - use a proxy server.
  18. Heres a quote from an old but similar thread. :bolt:

  19. Nah but they might for this if they like to waste time and money. I sure hope they have better things to do:smoking:
  20. coolio...what you all are saying makes a lot of sense. thanks for the perspective.

    sooo...i guess i should by my extra car, dirtbike and apple IIe with cash, right? :p

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