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  1. Kaliber rrr (2:27:45 PM): yo you know whats weird
    Kaliber rrr (2:28:00 PM): that people actually still use incandescent bulbs
    Kaliber rrr (2:28:07 PM): because everyone should be using fluorescent
    Kaliber rrr (2:28:20 PM): they are marketed as ENERGY SAVING
    Kaliber rrr (2:28:37 PM): which then people subconsciously decide that its not as powerful as incandescents
    Kaliber rrr (2:29:01 PM): but in reality it runs the same amount of lumens but at so much less power
    Kaliber rrr (2:29:05 PM): so its so much superior
    Kaliber rrr (2:29:12 PM): yet people use incandescents...
    Kaliber rrr (2:30:30 PM): dont they see that labeling them as energy saving bulbs hurts their sales
    Kaliber rrr (2:31:17 PM): their marketing department should smoke weed
  2. Nobody should be using incandescent bulbs. At the very least you should be using floros, preferably CFL's. But I laught at using floro's, you really need to be using HID lighting, like MH or HPS.
  3. ohhhh LOL no no no i dont mean for growing i mean for regular household use.
  4. if you are serious about your growing, you will buy MH or HPS.

    floro's can be used as extra light, maybe on the sides of the plants, or for seedlings, but not very ideal for growing.

    don't get me wrong, you will get some bud with floro's, but MH(veg) and HPS(flower) will, without a doubt, give you the best results with your yield.
  5. oooohh

    read the second post, just went from there. sorry.

    then i agree, people should use the energy saving bulbs.

    i thought you were trying to tell people to use the energy savings bulbs to grow with.
  6. LOL it never occured to me
  7. oh shit.. yea now it all makes sense -_-
  8. fluorescent lights piss me off. i dont know if its the spectrum or what but they make my eyes all tired.
  9. I think the average consumer gets it that CFLs use less energy to produce the same amount of light. For everyday household light CFLs have three main disadvantages:
    • Upfront cost -- it can take years before your energy savings offset the higher cost for the bulbs
    • Color -- no matter what the CFL makers say about natural light, daylight, warm light, etc, those bulbs give off a much more bluish-white light than incandescents, which give off more yellow, red and green light. The CFL light is considered harsher and flatter to the eye for most people.
    • Flicker -- electrical current cycles on and off 60 times per second in the US (50 HZ in Europe). That means the current literally is on then off 60 times in a second. That's why it's called AC, alternating current. With an incandescent bulb the light is produced by a filament that heats and glows and doesn't have time to cool down and stop glowing in each millisecond of interrupted current. Thus, the light is given off constantly. Fluoros (tubes or CFLs) work on a completely different technology such that the light literally is going on and off 60 times every second. A lot of people's eyes don't notice this but many, like me, do. I cannot read under a fluoro light, I see a pulsing strobe in my peripheral vision that drives me crazy.
    Sometimes it's not the marketing, it's the product.
  10. let's not forget another MAJOR disadvantage... UV radiation. Fluoros will fade carpets, drapes, yellow plastics, etc... I don't know why they don't put a UV lens over them??? I know you can get UV filters to slip over tubes, but I haven't yet seen them for the CFLs.
  11. UVB is actually suspected to increase resin production.
  12. Yes because they Flicker, you cant see it but its flickering.

    This also affects the plants which is why T5 flourescents are better not only because of the higher lumens but because of its a much faster flicker rate.
  13. we're talking about in your house.
  14. what the fuck you bitches babalin about? god dam hippies
  15. Alright Ebinezer, if I wasn't laughing so much right now I'd flame you ; -)

    He's right, we got more serious shit to talk about...
  16. You can add UVB indoors. Terrarium lights are good for this. I have 4' floro 10.0 bulbs but I have yet to use them.
  17. LMFAO! :D
  18. i thought you called him ebinezer cuz he was acting like ebinezer scrooge, i just noticed thats his name LOLL

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