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Do you actually try

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. to be sneaky? i live with my rents, and i leave the windows closed and the fan on and sit there and rip my bong all the time but never get caught, how many actually try to be as sneaky as possible, and they dont know and would be pissed if they found out
  2. You become a lot sneakier after you get caught for the first time.
  3. been caught twice.... dont assume things
  4. Well I'm sneaky because I don't want them to break my glass.
  5. i have to be sneaky around my parents. i still dont know how they will react to my toking tendencies :bongin:
  6. #6 Tymonster91, Aug 9, 2008
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    Im sneaky as fuck. Been toking daily this summer and Ive never once been caught. I just never smoke at home, always try to come home burning out and just act like Im tired from work or something. I also keep all of my stash and paraphernalia in my truck.

    oh yea, and if they found out I would be kicked out.
  7. haha, I've never been caught. I smoke whenever my parents aren't home and sometimes while they are home. I just turn my bathrooms fan on and light up, but I'm sure to blow the smoke into the fan. I don't think my parents would be happy if they found out lol.
  8. #8 Macka Splaff, Aug 9, 2008
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    i was sneaky, i dont give a fuck anymore really. but now that i dont care i leave stuff out without thinking. last night i left my bag, chillum and lighter out on the computer desk, i got lucky as hell
  9. my friend left his roor 24'' on his desk and woke up it was on the sidewalk out front, shattered, his dad said he never smokes again

  10. hahah yep
  11. Nope, I don't have to be sneaky. :D
  12. i used to be sneaky but not anymore, i just leave my peices and bongs anywhere in my room and my parents dont care, but i keep my weed in one area where nobody can find it :)
  13. got my first bubbler taken.

    bought another bubbler and a bong
    haven't gotten caught since.

    i have to be incredibly sneaky
  14. i usually dont have to be sneaky when im home, im usually there alone for the most part (i live with my mom, no use to pay rent for something when im never home haha). i ended up getting caught a few weeks ago by my dad, but it ended up being awesome. we were having our going away show in tampa and my dad was there, i was in our van with a j and my dad comes right up to the van, opens the door, sniffs, smiles and gets in and assumes the blaze position. i figured he burns down though, he's a biker and is the most mellow dude ever
  15. I was sneaky before i got caught. After i got caught i stopped caring. I still hide my stuff, and never admit to smoking or being high, but still smoke whenever i want.
  16. honestly no. I really dont give a shit who smells the smoke or who sees me smoking. They can just mind their fucking business.
  17. I dont live at home anymore but when im home right now for the summer before I get my house in Jacksonville when school starts again. I just go out to the garage and smoke and make sure to not leave anything out. If i did get caught I dont think it would be a huge deal since i live on my own now and have mentioned I smoke on occasion with friends. Though I smoke daily.
  18. at home for the summer- my mom dont care and my dad dont know, i still try to be sneaky cause its fun that way
  19. its always kinda fun sneaking around

  20. yup sotrue

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