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Do yall like walking trails and smoking? **{video}**

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kush Smokker, May 12, 2011.

  1. Most of the time I like to go for a cruise in a secluded area or just chill in my room to toke, but today I decided to hit a walking trail with my boy and blaze and it was chill, how many of yall do this?

    [ame=]YouTube - Blunts and Trails for GrassCity com[/ame]
  2. lmao im totally gonna do this now...looks like a great time
  3. My friends and I do this all the time, especially in the summer. I can't wait for the weather to get nice again. I know the beeest trails in my area.

  4. that blunt looked loose . lol , fun though . i have to try this now that im a full time toker :)
  5. [ame=]YouTube - smokin blunts in lowes[/ame]
  6. love the outdoors...
  7. I don't like it, I grew up in New York City though, so I'm kinda scared of the Forest, I tried it last weekend actually and I was so scared we werent going to find our way back, and my friend found two ticks on him when he woke up the next day, and he had to go to urgent care because like the head was inside him or something like I think I'm good.

  8. You think that was bad? Check out the joint he tried to roll in this vid (5:25) lol

    [ame=]YouTube - HOW TO ROLL A JOINT #2 + HOW NOT TO ROLL A JOINT Sessions Included[/ame]
  9. I much prefer walking on sunshine its alot of fun I often walk on sunshine I try walking on sunshine as often as I can sometimes I'll be walking on sunshine and sunshine will be walking on me but that's not all that often
  10. Blazing in the outdoors is best way to enjoy it in my opinion. Beach, Lake, Campfire, Trails's all good!
  11. same i do love sitting getting blazed in my room and just go on GC , youtube, watch joe rogan podcast, but i love the outdoors, fishin, camping, walks, hikes, trails all that:D
  12. I do it alot, but I realise iam not gangster by doing it.

  13. uhmmm ya.


    pretty loose blunt lol i would of been ranking.
  14. This in Canada? Ill post a vid of this badass trail close to my house, epic place for joints. The place is full of armadillos, snakes, hogs, alligators, turtles,and a elusive panther, also lots of random lakes in the middle of nowhere.

  15. What makes you assume I think I'm "gangster" by doing it? Because I'm with a black dude? Lol Grow up.
  16. #16 devilzlettuce, May 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Well obviously you think you're gangster being that only black people are gangsters duhhh lol
  17. Ok, well that makes sense then lol
  18. I recently started doing it and find it very relaxing. People around us knew but didn't care. There was evening a guy the warned us about a park ranger up the trail. My only regret is being too high and not to realizing what he was saying and thanking him before he was gone. Me and my buddy finally figured out what he was talking about but it was to late. Anyway it's a good time and would recommend trying.
  19. I live near the beach so we roll a few j's or blunts and go for walks along fort myers beach, when its nice and windy and you have a few nice J's goin no one knows where the smell is coming from and no one really cares lol.
  20. My favorite was sunset, walking a hilly lush golf course. Haven't done a trail yet, could be pretty fun I guess. I think a really nice beach would be the apex, though.

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