Do yall like Halo Reach?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by iwanttobehigh, Sep 30, 2010.

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    I was a hardcore Halo 2 and Halo 3 player and i just cant beleive what they have done in this game. I got Halo Reach right when it came out and I was very disapointed. I know alot of you like the sprinting, jet packs, and armor lock but I think it is all fucking retarded. The only thing I like is the sprinting. The invisibilty is retarted and its also a radar jamar like wtf why... armor lock is gay. Jet packs are for bad kids. hologram is just so easy to spot out it doesnt even make since why its up there. The spawns are horrible. I will spawn right infront of people sometimes and instantly get assasinated. Ive even been spawn sniped. The circle getting bigger when you shoot is retarted. I will keep it dead center on peoples heads sometimes and it will not hit them when they are one shot. I have even watched back in theatre a few times and it hit them in there head and just didnt register. Also the ranking system is bull shit. All you have to do is play score attack gruntpocolypse all day to be a general in no time. I already have a friend who is a lutinent grade 3 who is horrible in halo 3 yet now is almost one of the highest ranks in the game... This game will never measure up to halo 3. I think its a complete fail. What do yall think? I know alot of you enjoy it

    Also i hate it when kids want to play elite slayer. that shit is so gay
    And alot of the maps are brought over from halo 2
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    Damn bro your smart.
  3. I know right?

    I'm with you, Hologram is useless. Sprint is good IMO, I <3 the jetpack on certain maps. Makes it pretty easy to trick people. Armor lock was good at first but now everyone knows to stay away from it, so it doesn't do much good unless your going up against a noob.

    Most of the maps suck IMO. I hope they re-make/polish up some of the H1/H2/H3 maps for DLC.
  4. Spawning has been an issue in, well, almost every fps. No escaping that shit. Your sights getting bigger when you shit also happens in a majority of games, including CoD. I too have looked back in theater mode to see my bullet fly straight through someones head, but sometimes you miss shots you were supposed to get and sometimes you get shots you weren't, they even out.
    Armor-lock sucks, i'm starting to like sprint more and more, invisibility i use for fun assassinations, hologram can be used effectively in the right hands, jetpack is good on most maps. Overall, the games fun. get high, play.

    bgiff1010-->always looking for stoners to play with, send me a msg (friends list is full)
  5. Yo i dont know why youre hating on armor lock you get close to dieing and you do the ill fucking squatting move and gain some shield back. Armor locks ill when you remeber you have it and dont press rb, i do find ma self pressin rb to sprint and i forget i have AL on
  6. I just played multiplayer at my brothers over the weekend. It was decent, but feels like the same game we've been playing since Halo 1.
  7. I'm really disappointed in this game )= First they effed up ODST and now Reach? I may be done with the Halo games... for real.

    Bring on black ops.
  8. i thought the campaign was the best of all of the halo games, and enjoying the MP right now with caveman
  9. With the limited game-types, limited maps, it's par at best.

    Granted I've been a Halo fan since the first one came out, I was never on the bandwagon for Halo 3, ODST, or Reach. As a matter of fact, the first time I played Reach was at the midnight release (friends talked me into going with them). It's fun, but it gets old fast.

    It feels like every other Halo game, just this time there is equipment that amplifies the bullshit. (Armor Lock, Camo, Jetpack, ect)

  10. seems like everyone hates halo and call of duty yet everyone buys them :confused:
  11. SWAT is where its at imo, no shields no radars.. DMR headshots everywhere :D
  12. eeeh i dont need to read your rant. Reach is incredible imo. It has that feel that the OG halo had. Much better than halo 3 and 2...only reason I enjoyed halo 2 more was because that was back in the day when ALL my buddies irl were always on XBL. Had more custom games it seems in halo 2.


    but fo real reach is top 3 games this year

    I hate swat so damn much. It feels like im playing COD.

  13. What? can't hit people in the head? :)

  14. what? Assuming because I dont like something Im not good at it? Sure bud. im top on leaderboards in almost every swat game because its so EASY to hit people in the head. All you have to do is see them before they see you and BAM dead...
  15. Can't get into it, maybe because I'm not a console gamer but still, no interest in playing it at all. If you live in Chico, CA and want to do an exchange I'm trying to lose it, let me know.

  16. well i guess you have to be a bit more sneaky then :p

    when i said couldnt hit people in the head i wasnt shit talking you lol man chill
  17. I agree that halo 3 was much better, but reach isn't bad enough for me to not play it. I really like doing arena and if we play slayer pro which if I'm in a party most every time we get slayer pro then a lot of the gay stuff like sword+sprint, jetpack + rockets, or invis + shotgun or sword or sniper. Also if any of you guys play a a lot of custom matches download the MLG maps from the MLG gamer tag on those are fun. Also if anyone wants to play halo reach my gamertag is ToXiC BladeSZ if your good we can play arena and get into a division together.
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    Dear all reach haters, your just mad that you probably can't comprehend how real they made it. There is no more kills (one shot) from htting a shoulder.. aiming is precise..
    And whoever uses lockdown, or w.e is the only way to play talented pplayers..because when playing with MLG players you cant trick them with a hologram, jet pack you get picked off, invis, kind of pointless unless you're camping...sprint and lockdown are good for MLG play...I love trolling with hologram...

    Hologram is by far the best, so easy to troll opponents ...

    Jet pack is for kids who don't know how to play..

    And Spartans can roll now in big team objective

    If you hate on Reach, give me some solid reasons..

    I aint being mean or disrespectful when I say this...But if you thought the multyplayer was better in H3...You need to probably;y get better and comprehend the game better...Because Halo 3 had so many flaws, this was Bungies LAST halo game..

    There are 7 more set to release...yes 7 more halo games.

    Bungie fucking exceeded my expectations...and they fixed everything from the beta...
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    This is pretty much the best Halo game your going to get, its a really good game and worth the money your going to spend. I love getting high and playing SWAT or Team Slayer when I feel like a competitive game and when I just want to have fun I play some Big Team Battle. I recommend you do that or get some friends to play with you. Its a lot funner that way, this game cracks me up all the time LOL style, it's funny that you mentioned you hate the armor lock, I myself love it, especially when enemies stand too close to me so that I knock their shields off as soon I get out of the armor lock, I immediately pummel them into a spawn screen of me super teabaggin them hahaha. Dumbasses!

    oh yea almost forgot my gamertag is
    xk4hx kilo

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