Do ya'll believe this Bull Shit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Bud Head, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. New comercial on the T.V.

    Here is Marie who bought a dime bag..

    Here is the dealer who sold the dime bag Marie bought..

    Here is the supplier, who smuggled the marijuanna, and sold to the dealer, who sold the dime bag Marie bought..

    Here is Jane, (a eight year old girl) who was killed by a stray bullet from the gun of the supplier, who sold to the dealer, that sold the dime bag that Marie boought.

    Are you responsible for the child that got killed from the drugs you buy???

    I say the Government caused this death by making MJ illegal! I didn't see amything about the Government being responsible for the death..

    That fucking pisses me off!!!!!!!!!
  2. This may not be exactly word for word, but you should get the picture!

    I'm going to write my congress donkey a long letter about this!!!!!
  3. yeah...I saw this one a little bit ago...I dont think any of these new "anti-marijuana" commercials are giving any justice to the truth. but what else is new...
    The one I see now is, the boy and girl getting high on the couch...after what they make it three times smoking, the girls inhibitions are lowered, therefore, the boy then takes advantage of the girl...letting her know..its okay (for me to take advantage of you). These kids are how old? they dont look anything past 15.
    Heres MY problem with this. IF marijuana *was* to be legal in the US, then would these commecials have to be advertised? no....and why not? cause it would be the same problem as alcohol at that point.
    The same problem as alcohol..
  4. Another thing I want to add to your reply.

    If pot was to be legalised............How many of these dumb fuck kids would try to get a girl high just to have sex with her??????/

    They are giving kids IDEAS on how to seduce each other...

    All the adds are doing is putting criminal acts into the heads of horny kids> WTF

    It's bad enough to have harmons flying everywhere.. But to give kids ideas on how to get a girl to have sex with them??? I have to wonder what kind of shit these stupid fucks are smoking!!!!!!
  5. This really fires up my blood...I think I posted something a while ago about this..

    In atlantic city here, they were passing to let drinking on the beach, legal. I caught the paper a few days ago, and now it is legal, and allowed. Like I stressed before..I know, when I go to the beach with my friends, this is how it goes..A LOT of us get RECKELESSLY drunk..some get stoned, some get both. At the end of the day, we *know* who can drive home. Not the ones drinking, of course, apparently...But the ones who smoked a joint or 2...guess what? well, we know..

    Im going crazy with this new law...drinking on the beach, which just of summer, theyve restricted to the T, they are now allowing in full swing. Let these crazy tourists and drunken idiots come on in...drink some beers, get hammered on the beach...but ARREST THAT GUY! he's smoking a joint and baking in the sun for a few hours before he gets clear and can drive home, sober.
  6. Honestly Butthead, like kids don't think of that kind of shit anyway ;)

    The ad that really gets me is the one where two kids are taking bogtokes in this office and then one of them pulls out a gun and shoots the other one WHAT THE FUCK is up with that? Like you totally lose all sense of whats right and wrong. Like it's mushrooms and your head gets all fucked. Even with mushrooms you still have instincts that tell you whats good and bad. Or maybe i'm just high, who knows.
  7. Now i'm rolling over.

    Pot doesn't cause you to pull out a gun and kill some one.......... Alcohol does that!

    What is up with these idiot law makers...OK people go out, get soused, and kill people. Don't smoke a joint and be calm and collective....

    Girlie I was talking about the teenagers who don't do drugs!!lol

    They will start just to get into a girls pants. Wrong reason to smoke pot! Don't you think?

    Sensi That is just fucking wrong. Why not take a car and run over every 100th person. I'd almost bet in a years time, there will be several deaths from people who have been drinking at the beach.. From a car accident by a drunk driver or people getting pissed at some one at the beach..
  8. The Goverment selling the gun, that's what I see


  9. It's another form of propaganda.

    I was livid when I saw the one about the boy and the gun. I had actually read about it here in another post and then saw it later. That's just bullshit. The bad thing is that there ARE people out there who are falling for this, every day.

    The alcohol industry will be hit.....probably not hard....but they will be hit when marijuana is legalized. I would not be surprised at all if they weren't in on some of this. They were in on it back in the 30's after the prohibition on alcohol was lifted. Nucan's thread about the real effects of marijuana has an article that states that the liquor industry funded Reefer Madness.

    As far as the drinking on the beach.....that's just not right for it to be legal. I would think that safety would be a concern and am surprised that it apparently doesn't matter. You know, if others feel the same way you do Sensi, then a petition might be something that you should look in to. I'm assuming that it is just a city matter so if you were to present a petition with enough signatures to your city council, you may get that law changed. Things like that are usually not as hard at the city level.
  12. Point and match ;)

    420girlie = winner butthead = loser
  13. there have been several mentionings of this subject about the city

    and i say it is an out right attack against our inteligence and our lifestyles

    who would belive this shit if they had been exposed to the truth?

    noone would

    this contrey is fighting a war against its own citisins!!

    they are going hot an heavy with the propaganda becouse they are affraid!!!!

    affraid we will make it leagl wether the old fucks like it or not!

  14. I never loose...I just get behind once in a while.. LOL
  15. Found this at

    It appears that the government is not the only ones who can make outrageous claims. Tit for Tat I suppose. Humourous in a dark sort of way.

    Excerpt from The Connection. Interview with John Walters, Director of the White House Office of Drug Control Policy. Special guest interviewer Galileo Galilei, 16th century scientist.

    G. Galilei: Mr. Walters, you parrot the position espoused by your predecessor, the benighted Barry McCaffrey, that marijuana is a dangerous substance whose use by Americans erodes our moral principals and should be treated as a capital offense. As a former college professor, I would think that you would want scientific proof that pot is dangerous. Do you have such proof?

    J. Walters: Only by personal experience. One night early in my junior year of college, I smoked my first and only marijuana joint. That night, I became a sexual monster. I raped my wife who was then my girl friend. She became pregnant because of the rape. The fetus was determined to be deformed because of the marijuana. She had to have an abortion. It is not talked about much but the current president, George W. Bush was addicted to cocaine during his college years. Thank god he became an alcoholic instead and gave up the cocaine. His twin daughters have been involved in sexual orgies while high on pot. Fortunately, the Secret Service has been able to keep a lid on it. Of course Governor Jeb Bush's daughter has been in the news for crack cocaine. She has acquired herpes because she traded sex in her desperate bid to obtain crack.

    G. Galilei: You have said that marijuana smokers support terrorism. How so?

    J. Walters: Most marijuana is grown in Afghanistan. If you smoke pot, you support the terrorist.

    G. Galilei: You have stated that pot smokers are a violent lot. It seems like most of the violence is committed by the DEA agents. What is up with that?

    J. Walters: Most DEA agents are FBI wanabees. They could not quite make the grade though. Knocking doors down in camouflage and brandishing automatic weapons give the agents quite a thrill. It would be nice if some of the pot smokers would shoot back though. Let us make it a real war on drugs.

    G. Galilei: There was one raid that has bothered the Detroit News and that is the raid in Modesto, California where, Alberto Sepulveda , an 11 year boy was killed and almost severed in half by a shotgun blast from police officer David Hawn. It would seem that that act and others like that by antidrug warriors are more troubling and dangerous to a free and democratic society then all the drug use combined. At some point violence begets violence. What happens if the pot smokers start shooting back?

    J. Walters: First the kid in Modesto was a spic and probably would have grown up to be drug user. As to pot smokers shooting back. I welcome it. It would give the agents the edge they need to take this war to this next level.

    G. Galilei: With us on the line is Sue Rusche, executive director of Families in Action. Sue, you had been an opponent of the use of medical marijuana, until now that is. Why the change of heart?

    S. Rusche: Recently I read two books; the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the Caning of Michael Fay. I realized that the Siberian prisons described in the Gulag Archipelago were, except for the weather, a description of our prison system and of the people housed in those prisons. The Caning of Michael Fay was the story of the American boy in Singapore who was flogged for auto vandalism. At the time, we in this country considered the lashes that Fay received as barbaric and backwards, yet we think nothing of handing out twenty year sentences for drug offenses. That is barbaric. I realize now when Reagan spoke of the Evil Empire, it was just as applicable to our country as it was to the U.S.S.R. I realize now that George Orwell's 1984 speaks more to the United States of today than any communist country. Look, every American killed in the drug war is a martyr. Every American imprisoned in the drug war is a prisoner of war. Those who prosecute this war, such as the DEA and those who advocate this war, such are John Walters are mercenaries. I honestly believe that the Asa Hutchinsons and the John Walters and the other cheerleaders of this insanity are guilty of treason. The War on Drugs runs contrary to everything I believe this country stood for.

    Comments, questions? E-mail Galileo

  16. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...


    Great post She, I really appreciate it. Best political satire I've seen in a while.
  17. I've seen that comercial too. What an utter load of bullshit!! The said part is that there are many people out there who believe this shit!!
  18. believe nothing you hear...and only half of what you see....
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I like that dirty d. I'm gonna have to start using that line. Maybe in a very creepy evil voice.... :)

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