Do ya toke up at conerts?

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Toke up at concerts?

  1. A concert w/o weed is like a bird without wings, man!

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  2. I'd be willing to give it a try..

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  3. Nope, never

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  1. For all you music-heads, when you go see your fav. (or least fav) band, do you sneak in some smoke with ya?
  2. i would if it was at a festivel or something... but usually the shows i go to (hardcore shows) get quite violent... and smoking before going to one isn't a smart idea unless you want to be carried out in a stretcher.
  3. LOL...the one's I go to usually aren't all that violent, so I always toke up before I get there and I sneak some in with me, too.
  4. Depends on a few things.

    If the venue is quite big then it's likely that they search you. Also, the security in the actual stage will notice.

    But I've toked at little concerts. It's fantastic :D

    My Dad who lives in Holland tokes at concerts.... ah..... I wish I lived there.
  5. i must say ...i toke up at every concert i go to

    always ...on the way

    and when we are there

    and when we leave

    big shows little shows

    all shows!
  6. I'm with dirtydingusus on this one. We smoke on the way....we smoke waiting in line (If applicable), we smoke inside if there's no security, we smoke when we leave, we usually smoke when we get home.

    End of story f00zah
  7. Ewww nutsweat weed.. I think I'll just shove it in my sock that's tends to work around here. :)
  8. I love my bongs at festivals....just sit and listen to good music and rip it all day without any bother.....Peace out...Sid
  9. every concert i been to i smoked on the way there, in line, and while watching the band. At the kottonmouth kings concert they didn't want anyone smoking before the concert started, that was there only rule. We smoked with the touring manager in the tour bus before that show started, and with the band ill kidd. I got searched going into a icp concert but that was it, and it was a really fast pat down, there was a ton of people, the guy never even touched my pockets, he was just making sure nobody had guns i guess. Theres a lot of weed at the concerts i go to, at the kmk concert they turned on the lights so everyone could see the smoke, it was so fucking thick, there was two levels and i was on the second and i could see bowls and joints being lit fucking everywhere.
  10. Heh, we roll a blunt and soak it in honey for 24 hours, then let it dry for like 2 days. Then we smoke it at the concert and it tastes SO good....*drool*

  11. no prob :)

    and yes... slipknot is not metal. nor are they hardcore.
  12. hmm ive been to many concerts and the ones i smoked at were:

    Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rush, System of a Down/Slipknot, Mudvayne, Dream Theater, G3 (2001)

    im sure their are others im forgeting, but the concerts i didnt smoke at is because it was impossible

  13. Are you serious? Honey-blunt? Who ever tried that first had a lot of weed to spare. :D

    I've heard of putting shrooms in honey for tome magic bread and honey. mmmmmm

    We have a place that holds kick ass concerts. They are really lax about smoking pot. (Guards just too lazy to brake up fights)

    I wore a "legalize it" shirt once, and the guy at the door just smiled when he read my shirt. I had a shit load of smoke on me, but he didn't search. Just a pat down and I was in.

    I've been to concerts where they are hauling out people for smoking. I don't return to those places... even if that's the only place a band is going to be appearing.

    I even heard Ted Nugent say "Nice to fuckin' smell ya!" at a concert of his once. The whole fuckin' place was a huge cloud. lol

    Ironic that rock-n-roll's "Just say No" guy makes his money off of selling his music to stoners who get praised at his concerts for smoking.... which he advocates against....

    Ok, this ain't a bash ted dead thread.
  14. i thought you had to
  15. I guess it depends on the show. I couldn't imagine going to see Incubus or 311 sober, but I don't like getting faded at huge arena shows or small local shows.
  16. jam concert have to have weed, acid, or beer. it is a must.
  17. i only won't if i'm not at a jamband concert, and the people around me look too young/prudish. kids around? fuck no.

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