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Do Worlds Strongest Men get drug tested???

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. I have a question that has befuddled me for a good long while....

    Does anyone know if the 'athletes'* on The World's Strongest Man are required to take drug tests to screen for steroids and other performance enhancers??

    I was watching the 2007 final from CA on ESPN the other night and I noticed that some of those guys are unreasonably massive. I just say in thier defense that I only noticed the tell-tale steroid signs on 2-3 of the men. Those signs being back/neck acne, young men balding, overacting-over intensity...among others. Some of the men do look like they only lift. Other look like they sit in a hospital bed with a fuckin anabolic steroid dripping into one arm and crystal meth into the other.

    The reason I put atheletes in quotes is because I'm not sure I would consider them athletes. The vigorus training and sacrifices do make them athletes. But the over-weight ones who just grunt and throw a keg 50ft in the air...probably after drinking it..... don't seem to fit the common description. Kobe is an athlete. A 350lb 5'8" monster is something else entirely.

    I've always thought that most of those dudes are probably compensating for the lack of something...... most likely the lack of penis vigor, the shriveling of testes and the sheer disgusting-ness of a sweaty overweight bafoon. Though I'm sure their all nice guys...
  2. Those guys are athletes. They train constantly. And yes, they do get drug tested. There isnt a sport today where they don't.

    Plus. One punch from that guy. Say goodbye:wave:. Your going to be in the air. Lol.

  3. I'm not sure I would consider being jacked a sport. Theres no strategy or defense.
  4. You do realise that Worlds Strongest MAn and Bodybuilding are two different sports right?

    Bodybuilding is a competion for big muscles and no body fat and then they have a routine of posing infront of Judges.

    Worlds Strongest Man is just purley strength alot of the competitors arnt very defined they just have a big massive build. IIRC there was a swedish guy who was ripped think he won the 2006 not sure about 2007.

    Most pro bodybuilders will have taken some sort of anabolic steriod to either rapidly increase wieght (Bulking Steroids e.g Deca)

    Others will have used cutting setroids to get there fat percentage to a minimum i.e 5%

    Steroids arnt bad for you if you dont let them control you. Its a pity really as most steroid users (teens/highschool) dont know much about them and they start off taking the wrong steroids e.g Oral steroids.

    Injectable steroids such as Testosterone Enathate (sp) is an injectable steriod which is more or less pure testosterone which your body produces which is good because it doesnt pass through your liver/kidneys like an Oral steroid would do which fucks your kidneys up.

    Dont even let me get started on WWE/Wrestling as the amount of people that tell me that these pro wrestlers have never taken steroids and get regular drug tests for them BS! you can get some steroids out of your system in 5 days.
  5. I don't remember his name and I don't know if he still competes but I had a teacher a few years ago that was an iron man. BIIIIGGGG fucker. Pretty young for a teacher, let us call him by his first name. He loaded up the entire football team onto a tractor/trailer and pulled them down the street for some fundraiser.

    I have no idea if he uses(d) steroids but I thought it was a good story...

    Oh, and he was an undercover nerd teaching a computer skills class. :D
  6. Yes I am quite aware of the difference between monsters posing for judges and monsters lifting large rocks onto platforms.

    The WWF is full of wanna-bes who either have no skills in any sport, or use faaaaar too much steroids to ever stay on any type of sports team. Ever wonder why Benoit went crazy??? Just a little too many roids (my opinion only.... could be true but I'm too lazy to look it up.) I don't know how someone could honestly enjoy such nonesense. its an insult to anyone intelligence who has an IQ over 60.

    (I refuse to call it WWE.... I always have been and always will be only a Hit Man fan....even though I stopped watching when I was 15....so I will consider it the Federation until the Hit Man comes back when its the WWE)
  7. ok I think they do drug test.
    I mean doesnt mean u cant do some cycles in the offseason.
    and u dont need steriods, up to the age of 25 ur body produces those chemicals, just have to stimulate the largest muscles in ur body at least 3 times a week.
    after 25 well your goals should be on sports any more, or if they are just not pro sports, unless you are already capable quit cheating with steroids.
  8. just like a lot of people on here manage to get out of being tested positive for drugs, all athletes know the way to get around being found positive for steriods.

    and as a side note yes they are athletes because they go thru rigourus training everyday to be able to lift those things, and steriods can be safe but like anything else its all in moderation.
  9. Injecting testosterone permamently shrinks your testicles, because you have too much of it in your blood, so testicles stop producing it.
    Injecting abnabolic steroids boost the growth of all your muscles. This also means heart. Some people, that died because of steroids, had hearts a size of a cows heart.

    Think, before you'll write that injectable steroids aren't so destructive as oral ones (these also slowly kill your liver). Steroids are very destructive, and if taken often will make you die before you'll reach 40 years of age. If you're lucky.

  10. very true. +rep
  11. Pro bodybuilders are all on steroids and growth hormone. I am pretty sure up until a few years ago, the World's Strongest Man competition was the same way.

  12. Sorry I was being misinformative. All Anabolic steroids will shut down your testosterone system as its getting more than enough from Oral/injection.

    You also need to understand that the heart/other organs doubling there size etc is from bulking setroids like I said which are Deca/D-Bol Testosterone Enathate does not increase organ size and again these are oral tablets only not an injectable.

    The key is to sort yyour steroid program uot so you have a PCT Cycle Post and pre. (Do a search for PCT Therapy)

    Injectables will not harm your liver because they do not pass the liver and I already stated that orals will harm your liver due to having to break down the drug.

    I agree steroid usage is bad but I do believe one or two cycles of testosterone enathate in a lifetime with a correct PCT therapy there would be no after effects.

    my point was to try and educate some people that steroids arnt bad its because people abuse them/dont research them.

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