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Do Women Like men Having Small Penis?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by williethomson, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. #1 williethomson, Aug 5, 2009
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    There is a big confusion , Women always go for men . But question that matters is Do women Like Men with small Penis?
  2. haha dude the title is FUCKED either you were really high or im really high. or both.
  3. oh and its all about the motion in the ocean. even though i dont gotta try hard
  4. No, either this guy is retarded/super stoned, or he's Chinese.
  5. this is the best thread in a while for its sheer fuckin retardedness. It made be laugh pretty hard inside.
  6. It sucks that u arent packing anything big...but girls dont care about the size of ur dick...but how u use ur dick

  7. im chinese what are you racist? lets say hes stoned as fuck
  8. nope, I personally do not like small penises!

    weird freaking title of your thread BTW :laughing:
  9. Ah whoa who would have expected somebody to mistake stereotyping as racism... :rolleyes: anyways I'm not a girl but I can only assume a larger penis equals more friction on the vagina. I'm sure it goes both ways as to which one women prefer. Depends on the girl only I'm sure... I bet there are women who want it to hurt, and others who don't ;)
  10. My husband is small... I still married him didn't I? I still love him, and I love our sex life. But there are times I when I am in the mood that I want it hard enough to hurt... and well... small doesn't cut it.
  11. you were blazed when you posted this, huh? it's ok, thats why i clicked on it.
  12. To answer your question honestly, no they do not. All or most of the girls I have been with, constantly complain how they hate getting fucked by a small penis. Being big has its disadvantages as well, such as not being able to do anal with most girls or painful sex with petite girls.

    Truth is, size does matter, if you have a small penis, even if you know every possible technique for making a girl cum every way possible, there is nothing better than her coming on your dick, so yes, I would say it has a high importance in my mind.

    Also, if you have a big penis women will be more likely to fuck you more often, every relationship I have been in the frequency of sex never dropped less than maybe 3 times a day, everyday, and it seems that some of my other friends only have sex a few times a week after a year, and I know for a fact they have small penises.
  13. your asking the wrong question... you should be asking what is "small"
  14. Believe it or not some chicks prefer it. But it's rare. Try finding chicks with small vaginas. How you determine this I have no clue.
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBD9emGjNPs&feature=related]YouTube - japanese penis is small[/ame]
  16. I don't always go for guys...... I have no idea what a difference it makes.....
  17. I do not know how to answer this, my definition of small could be wayyyy different than yours.

    Ummmm, i guess it doesn't matter as long as he knows how to use his tongue?

    But the main reason I broke into this thread was because you really intrigued me with your title.
  18. What diff. does it make? i mean i understand the more penetration better stimulation but shouldnt it matter on the work the guys putting in?.. We need some freaky females to get in on this thread n inlightetin a few heads. Im not huge but i got my fair shares of "Its to deep" or "ur to far" but idk. when does a girl bring the line of small n big out? isnt the vaginal it self just 4" deep?? i thought the penis' thickness took part in it?? LADIES ANSWERS PLEASE !!!

    LOL i remember my sis was messin w/ 1 of my friends she was dying for n then she finally had guy to her self n was completly turned off due to the fact he was small i clown this kid every time we blaze.

  19. Definitely thickness plays a part. When it's in TOO DEEP, I don't think it's very pleasurable. It actually hurts like everywhere in my body when that happens.

    The vagina, at arousal, is 4/12-5 inches deep.

    Isn't the "average" male penis like 5? I don't know if i believe that. :D

    Oh, and personally, fucking 9 inch penises are scary, but I know girls who think very differently.;)

    I think if you're 6 1/2 your okay, but I have my preference already. :)
  20. Yea my girl thinks 9 inch penises are scary too, she says mines is perfect for her ... but always good to learn more ......

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