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do weed brownies smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by d0wny, Jun 28, 2009.

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    ive been wanting to make some weed brownies since a friend of mine is in town, but im concerned about the smellinessness?

    and another question... whats bud batter?

    and another one... are the brownies effective without the bud butter?

    thnx for any help.
  2. Weed brownies don't smell like weed. They do smell like brownies though.

    Bud batter I haven't really heard of. I'll assume that you either meant bud butter, which is butter that has THC in it (made by boiling butter in a pan and putting finely ground weed into it for at least half an hour). But it's also possible that bud batter could mean batter (such as brownie batter) that has THC in it.
  3. yea yea you're right bud butter my bad.
  4. Brownies dont smell like weed, but I once had cookies that did. Id chalk it up to the fact that the guy who made them still had the pot in the dough when he made it though. I wouldnt doubt he just threw weed into the bowl as he was mixing it.

    And a fun fact, rice crispy treat style edibles dont smell too strange either...
  5. I was wondering about this also, like for example...if I made the oil for the brownies or the butter I was going to use for the brownies...is that going to be the only stage of a weed smell or would that weed oil/butter made the brownies smell in the oven while baking. What I was going to do is make the oil by measuring out a little over the amount I need and stick that into a pain and then I was going to simmer about a Q oz of ground up bud for about 30 minutes. Then I was going to strain the oil and use that to make the brownies.
  6. just put some kief in that butter and ur good to go.. heat that shit up and bam you got yourself some fine ass butter

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