Do we legally have to obey the law?

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  1. Now I was high when I thought of this, so if it's dumb and wrong, then hey, it's dumb and wrong. But when you apply for a driver's license, there's a form you sign saying you will obey the rules of the road, adhere to a dui test, etc. When you want to be on tv there's all kinds of waivers and releases to sign. Hell, even when you sign up on a messageboard there's rules you have to agree to. But I don't remember signing anything saying I agree to abide by the rules of the constitution, or state laws. So legally, do we actually have to follow the law?:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Yes you do. Its not something you agree to because it is an implied contract by just being a citizen of a country. If you dont agree to the rules of the road, you dont get your license. If you dont agree to the rules of the forum, you dont post. If you dont agree with the laws of a country, then you can renounce citizenship and gtfo.
  3. The man's law? Everybody breaks them all the time.

    The nature law? You can bend it but you cannot break it.
  4. Course, if your Michele Bachman, Palin, teabagger, that sort of person you rewrite history, change the meaning of things, do whatever to support your position
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    that sort of person... you saying teabaggers dont obey the laws of the road?:cool: Stupid tea baggers, all of our problems started when that group came about shouting this and that about following the constitution, controlling government spending, lowering the federal governments power, etc.... pretty much american terrorists....
  6. Pretty much.

    Of course, everyone on this forum breaks the law sometimes.... :D
  7. Yes you do. That's why you get arrested when you break the law.

    I don't ever remember having to sign anything to get my license. All I had to do was take a test and get my picture taken.
  8. You legally have to obey the law because "legally" means by the law. The law tells you to obey it. So it is illegal to disobey it.
    That doesn't mean you can't disobey the law. If you denounce the law because you don't agree with it, you can go ahead and break it. But that does mean that the people who enforce the law will come after you for not following their law.
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    It's called social contract theory. The "social contract" is a contract that you never signed and yet are coerced (forced or threatened with force) to abide by it just because you live within some territory that a government (usually a tyrannical/fascist/oppressive one) claims is there's.

    Here's a more eloquent way of putting it:
    To answer your question, under this legal regime, the law is backed up by force (usually physical violence) or threat of force. You don't have to obey the law, but, at the same time, don't be surprised when you get arrested for breaking the law. I'm not saying you should be ignorant of the law, but, I am saying that it's morally ok (imo) to break the law so long as you don't harm anyone else (through violence or fraud). I break the law every damn day and still manage to contribute to society.
  10. ^ He hit the nail square dead on the head.

    The only reason anyone, ANYONE obeys the laws is because of the threat of force/imprisonment if you don't.

    Kinda makes you want to say fuck you. It does.

  11. This is our everybody ought to abide by
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    what part of history did the teabaggers rewrite?
  13. Only the bad seeds who need to be in jail anyway. That kind of attitude is the reason they made jails

    Normal people dont need that threat to know not to kill, rape, or steal.
  14. yeah, but people who steal / rape need to get a bullet..
  15. Theft should carry a death penalty? Seriously?
  16. Legally yes. Morally? Well that's up to you.

    Just cuz something is illegal doesn't mean it's wrong.

  17. Either your being facetious or you've been watching too much state run media.

    I guess that the austerity measures, the IRS, the Federal Reserver, QE1, QE2, Banker bailouts, TARP, Stimulus, mortgage collapse, the giant sucking sound of NAFTA, all toxic assets and all the vast wealth that was spent bombing people in illegal wars are all the fault of the Tea Party???

    Yep, I'd blame the entire monetary policy of the global criminal banking cartel on the Tea Party if I wanted Chris Mathews approval.

  18. There is a huge difference between lawful and legal.

    The purpose of government is to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!!!

    The Bill of rights and Constitution only spell out our God given rights. The problem is that the entire body of law passed since these documents were created has been enacted in order to deceive you in to voluntary acquiescence of all your rights.

    Your rights can't be taken but they can and have been given away by your parents on your behalf and then by you when you are of legal age.

    Every government document that you sign is a contract. Even a library card is a contract and you are legally bound once you agree.

    It turns out that ignorance of the law is no excuse and that actually holds up in court.

    Is it any wonder that they don't teach law in public education?

    I'd look here if I were you: Sovereignty and Freedom


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