Do we have a racial identity crisis on our hands?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Gitindizzi, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Well, I don't know if it's an actual crisis or not, but it does seem like the upcoming generation of American youth is going to be racially desensitized to a point that I will be looking forward to..but this kinda shit scares me.

    "The way we look at it in my town if you real and you earned your stripes on tha streets and you paid your dues and you proved your worth like i did and you aint no fuckboy and no bitch like my og that i sold for told me you family im only one of four white dudes in my entire town that can get away with sayin "*****" only cause i am thought of as family and cause of the family i belong to and everyone i know think of it as just a word to address your family and your real homeboyz and i really believe that people will understand that someday ya know man"

    thats wat he just said to me. He's from bumblefuck north georgia talking this dumb shit. smh.:rolleyes::eek::D:p:confused:
  2. Elevate this thread..I'm looking for some real discussion on this.
  3. Are you saying boundaries between the races dissolving is a bad thing? Are you one who says things like "he's acting black," implying black people should act a certain way and whites another?
  4. No. in the OP I said the dissolution is something I am looking forward to. Sorry for the confusion. :eek:
  5. This is the "freestyle" he sent me before that:

    "Check it ya aint doin how im doin cant slow me down im still zoomin, you fuck *****s wanna try me up best bet we all strapped with them glocks, haha, yeah, i only fuck wit bad bitches ***** im talkin megan fox, bitch *****s hatin muthafucka i aint impressed, now my flow steal ya show, now be real who tha fuckin best, im a new generation i aint like tha rest, yeah im white but i passed tha test, imma goon and nothin less,yeah my life a bitch but i neva stress, ya already know my rhymes a hit, now watch me while i flip tha script, when im on that mic all you *****s trip, got all my bloods 12 deep we stomp yo bitchass like a crip, my *****s j-bizzle, red,and b, we hold it down and fuckin run tha east, its like tha game come naturally, my *****s got you screamin brett ely. Burnin loud we get it all day, bruh im so high it feel like outer space, fuck around bitch *****s get destroyed, we gon put you to an end gon and fear my ***** stryker floyd, we tell ya once ***** betta listen, we tell ya twice ya come up missin, we hear ya hatin over tha crowd standin on my pedistool jealous ***** lookin like a fool, cause i get enough bad bitches, all summer long im too cool, i can fill my crib and my swimmin pool, shit im talkin over-flow my party stretchin to tha farthest lake, look in tha mirror ya made a mistake, cant touch me cause you *****s are way too fake, im too hot for yall betta find some shade, different bitch every night gettin laid, 19 years old and tha king of my trade, a bad muthafucka thats who i am, dont move too fast my nina go BLAM, we got them *****s with that ak shoulda told em it was choppa day, shit goin so good and so fast it gettin crazy, these tha streets ***** not drivin miss daisy, bad bitches all around down ta fuck this shit gon end badly, got my girl in tha next room she still sleepin soundly, gon warn you *****s dont hesitate, damn homie i think mighta spoke too late, ya steal my shit im out ta eliminate, i think they had enough yall just watched me annihilate, when it come ta this shit im a fuckin elite, im done with this shit done raped tha flow and fuckin murdered tha beat.....haha"

    no punctuation...
  6. i feel like that quote from the white guy is bull shit. . . seems like someone trying to act tough
  7. That's my point. It's been like this for a while and I feel like the ignorance is coming to a head...white girls openly say n*gga in their music this chick-even though she does have a point..

  8. Ohh. Haha sorry then, i gotcha.

    I agree that what he said was extreme, although I don't exactly have a problem with it(beyond sounding somewhat silly). You could argue that he makes it seem like in order to fit in with the "black/gangsta" crowd that says ni-gga, you have to be like that. I think it's primarily an intermediary phenomena, until the coming together becomes more normal.

    And the idea that "only blacks can say ni-gga" has to come to a close soon. When you create different rules for the different races, racial harmony is impossible.
  9. i fully support dumbasses saying N***** all they want... I also fully support anyone affended by the term to punch/slap people who says it lol. there is still too much racial tention and people are still racious whether they admit it or not.
  10. Yeah I know, I used to jack people up in high school for that shit, but since then I have become indifferent..

    Words are words, and the connotation associated with some words are ignored over time.

    "Humbug" used to be a bad word for fucks sake.
  11. well racism and prejudice are two different things. i would say people are still prejudice if they admit it or not.
  12. ALL separation must cease. Although I am not arguing that white people still hold more power than other races, it is also true that reverse-discrimination(so to speak. I don't like that term, either) has become significantly more acceptable than "regular"(white on black) discrimination. Black people calling a white person cracker in a derogatory sense is basically OK, while a white person saying ni-gga in a casual friendly way is often looked at as racist.
  13. Are you white?

    In the case of race, double standards are unacceptable.

  14. I am white. I basically get along with everyone, and even though I don't try to act "black," black people who act "gangsta" usually like me and get along with me really well, even if they don't usually hang out with white people.

    I really don't understand racial issues, nor do I understand this "politically correct" avoidance of racial things. I joke around at black people's expense sometimes, and I do the same thing for white people. I really don't care, I think people are way too sensitive. For instance, randomly when something goes wrong I might say something like "See, this is what happens when a black guy gets in the white house." I then laugh, and everyone knows I'm kidding, and I feel comfortable joking about it cuz of how ridiculous it sounds. Likewise, if a white basketball player does something bad, I might say something like "See, this is why white people shouldn't play basketball," even though I play basketball myself. I find most of the issues people have, including racial issues, to be very silly, and I have no problem joking about them.
  15. there is a terrible double standard when it comes to race, but what can white people do about it? nothing bc then you're a rasict :confused:.
  16. Lol that's cool..I'm black/mixed race lol

    Do u say n*gga around your gangsta homeboys?
    qft..there is a machine behind that double standard...a very powerful one

    ...Al sharpton.


  17. I haven't hung out with them in a while, actually, but back when I was my best friend among them said I should start saying it around them, but I really didn't feel comfortable. I don't see the problem with it whatsoever, but I really don't feel like getting into an uncomfortable situation where I have to defend my word choice.

    Funny enough, the one who said I should say it was the one who is somewhat sensitive about white people saying it. And it's funny too, cuz in a lot of ways people might say I act "white," but I feel like I incoorporate a lot of ways of being, and I'm really easy-going so I get along with basically any type of person.
  18. Racism is the result of ignorance. I feel that, at least around my area, people are racist because they just don't understand, and that is what I'm "afraid" of, the lack of understanding between different people.
  19. Most of my peers are suffering from a racial identity crisis
  20. people only say it because blacks themselfs say it, therefore it dosent seem like that big a problem. if blacks didnt say it and condemed anyone who did, you wouldnt have people of all other races walking around saying Ni*** constantly...which only helps to bring blacks down even more.

    blacks should take control of the situation and stop using the word if they want others to stop saying it. im black and dont say it, only because i dont want people around me thinking its ok to come up to me and call me Ni*** and think ill respond in a positive fashion.

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