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Do Vaporizers Smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by GreensPORFAVOR, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. I am intersted in buying a vapor bros vaporizer, and I was wondering if it smelled less than smoke, or even if I would be able to use in in my room without the smell leaking out. Any help is appreciated.
  2. When I used my homemade vape it didn't smell at all.
  3. always reminded me of the way baked goods with marijuana in them smelled
  4. ive used the metal bats and the box vapes, both of those gave off a kinda corn smell and taste, like burning corn puffs or something its weird. but when ive used volcanoes and the really nice vapes they smelled and taste like pure weed, the smell didnt seem to stick around very long but it was pretty strong. not nearly as strong as ripping a bong or a piece but it noticeably smelled like mj
  5. it smells like pop corn!!!!! and the smell doesnt linger. atleast in my experience
  6. Any other takers on this topic? cause i need to smoke in my room and i need a good way
  7. well if youre smoking pot in your room you could

    1. take a toilet paper roll tube and stuff a bunch of laundry sheets in there then rubberband one sheet around one end... blow the smoke into the other end...

    2. get some ozium... always works yur room will smell like a hospital.

    3. a vapor bros. will smell like slightly burnt popcorn... if thats not sketchy go for it...
  8. Just crack open a window and you'll be fine I vape in my room all the time with my parents just outside my door, It doesn't smell much like weed and the smoke doesn't linger. If you want to be safe blow threw a sploof and put a towel under your door.
  9. i have a portable iolite i-vape and vape alot in my room. smell does not linger, smell isn't even of weed, there's no smoke at all. just open a window and you'll be fine. if you're paranoid just make some popcorn and voilla! no more smell :D

  10. Thank you for that.

    Aero please think before you post.

    Anyways to your question. The smoke shouldn't linger like it does when your smoking regularly, if your really worried as stated, stick a towel under the door and use a sploof.

  11. No prob man.

    And yeah I'll prob just open my window but I just made a vape and can't wait to try it out before I turn on a movie and chill with the family.

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