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Do Vaporizers give off weed smell (dorm related)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Forkit, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. I have smoked a vape in someone's dorm. All they did was put a fan in the window that blew out air out. We weren't even anywhere near the window. I was pretty nervous about it but luckily we were in pretty much the most laid back college when it comes to drug and alcohol i have ever been to.
  2. YES!  It does give off a smell.  However it is a sweet earthy smell not smoked weed smell.  evacuating the air from the room is a good idea, or you can just use a filter to blow your smoke into.
  3. Yes, they do give off a very obvious cannabis smell.
  4. Depends on the vape

    This is the strangest life I've ever known
  5. I mainly just skipped to the end to see if hes gotten caught but just realized he got banned =/
  6. One time me and a couple of friends were vaping in our suite-style dorm (we were sitting in the furthest doorway from the front door) and the RA's knocked on our door because they could smell the weed all of the way from outside the door in the communal hallway. This was using a small box vape. But that was without any windows open and being pretty careless- too high to realize that was a bad idea. So I'm sure if you were blowing it out the window, maybe keeping a fan right by the window to blow the vapor out the window you would be fine.

    But I have a cloud pen and I use it for wax and you can't smell a thing. It's incredible. I smoke in my dorm room all of the time that is a pretty good alternative for when you need to be lowkey about smoking.

    Sorry, I don't know much about vapes but this is from my experience.
  7. Shill
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  9. Funny story related to this...

    One night, me and my roomie where watching the wolf of wallstreet and hitting the vape. He was really sick for a few days earlier, and started throwing up. Before, he just yacked and was fine, but this time he got really sick. We called 911 and a cop and paramedics showed up. The cop came in to our 100sq foot room about 20 mins after hitting fat vape bowls and didnt smell anything. No, vapes dont smell. Any smell is from the raw weed and goes away within 10-15 mins max. Open a window and its gone in 5.
  10. All of the comments are useful, thanks 2007
  11. my buddies and i were vaping in his dorm when the RA came to tell us it was late an turn down the TV. I said ok and shut the door. he had no idea
  12. just get a smoke buddy, carbon filled sploof no smell
  13. worry about getting high after you graduate unless you are paying for college yourself then have at it!
  14. I use a vaporizer and it doesn't smell at all. I use a Arizer V-Tower. It won't smell unless my nose is right where the vapor is coming out of the tubing. (If my sentence makes no sense, blame it on the green meds)
  15. i may have posted here before that oil imo gives off less odor than flower but.... depends on the size of clouds too... the old Magic Flight Launch Box is like the stone age of vaporizers... made of wood but also doesn't produce a lot of vapor.... despite lack of vapor it packs the punch imo and the flower lasts and lasts and lasts before turning brown and the popcorn smell... but i digress... the oil carts for vape pens give off zero imo unless you are talking something highly charged with flavors like the E cigs now the govt. is all alarmed about...

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