Do Vaporizers give off weed smell (dorm related)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Forkit, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I live in a dorm and two of my roommates are RAs. I just moved in recently. I have my own room and bathroom. Anyways, I made my room a very cool chill spot where 2-3 of my friends would just chill out and play video games/watch TV. I would like for all of us to get high at my place too.

    I have no intention of getting caught by my roommates, who live on the other side of the apartment. I was thinking of using a vaporizer, so that the smell of weed cannot be detected. I plan to have a towel under my door and have the vents closed, windows opened.

    Do vaporizers give off the smell of weed?? What are your thoughts of my plan. Serious, constructive comments appreciated.
  2. Yip, but way less than smoking it. If you want to improve your chances, make a sploof.
  3. yea it smells like straight fire. Just blow out the window and i think you should be fine. Good luck!
  4. Thanks guys, do you think I can eliminate the odor completely if I spray Febreeze right after we're done vaping?
  5. There is a vapor that has smell, however it goes away very quickly. Blow it out of a window, and just leave it open for a bit.

    Add Oust and .......a perfect little dorm room or

    EAT COOKIES they don't stink and last much much longer!!!!
  6. Just see if your roomates/ra's are chill. if not, yes, vaporizers do, stronger, but without the same smokey smell, its the smell of the pure weed, it smells kind of like unburned weed but kind of not. I dont know how to describe it. It will NOT eleminate the smell, just get rid of the smoke smell.
  7. This is like,
    one of the 5 questions that are asked on a daily or more than daily basis...
  8. lol sorry, too high to search :D
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  9. Its all good. Shit happens ;)
  10. like berlette said, make a sploof. me and my friends always refer to it as a Jesus because it kinda looks like the tube is wearing a hat thingy from the bible(for a lack of better expression). take a toilet paper roll, fill it with dryer sheets, wrap one dryer sheet around the end and blow your smoke through it from the open end. smoke comes out smelling a little bit like weed, but mainly like dryer sheet. then just keep your piece near the window, seal the bottom of the door, and blaze.
  11. Kinda smells like popcorn. If the RA's haven't smelled vaped weed before, they probably won't know it, but cover it up anyway just to be safe. I always found spraying myself with axe worked to elimate the smell in whatever room needed. Also you can just get a one hitter and zero(zone) your hits. Save weed and eliminate smell at the same time.
  12. Smoke rises.

    Why does everyone think blocking the bottom of a door will help block the smell. Unless your hotboxing it won't block smoke. If you are hotboxing there's nothing you can do for the smell.

  13. ...dun dun dun...

    Could you block the top of the door???

  14. Love the part about calling the sploof Jesus :p. But yeah, it'd probably be a lot easier just to open a window, and vape right next to the window. You could also ghost the hits so you dont blow out any or much smoke. Just little tricks of the trade :D

  15. Did you read that this thread was about vaporizers?

    It's called a VAPORizer for a reason...your cannabis is heated to a temperature below combustion so that it isn't burned.

    To answer the OP's question, vaporizing does smell. Not like burning marijuana, but pretty much whatever your herb smells like (plus popcorn if you put the heat up too much :eek:) Just open the window and the vapor should dissipate in no time!
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  16. It doesn't smell quite as bad, because it is the smoke when you burn the weed that really has the sticking smell.
  17. Will the amount of smell depend on the quality of the vaporizer? For instance, will a volcano give less of a smell than a $150 vaporizer?

    Thanks everyone!
  18. yea my college is really strict in the dorms, and i vape in my room often. it doesnt smell enough to get caught at all. you can probably just vape and be fine, but i usually place a fan blowing out of the window, so i can blow all my vapor into the fan. doing that = almost no smell.
  19. For anyone who wants to smoke in their dorm: MAKE POPCORN. Seriously, the smell is so pervasive that you can smell it down the hall, so it works pretty well to mask the weed. It would totally cover up the smell from a vape since it already kinda smells like popcorn anyway. Of course, the usual precautions (window, fan, bag over smoke detector) are always good too. Plus, you can eat the popcorn when you get done smoking. Win-win situation.
  20. just got new vape today (just posted on how amazing it is), and used it in my dorm. my roommate who doesnt smoke came back 30 minutes later and didnt say a thing (he really hates it when i smoke in the dorm). and i blew the vapor right in the middle of the dorm. a package of incense laying on my desk smelled 10x as potent.

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