Do vaporizers get you really high?

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    I'm sort of new to smoking and am considering a vaporizer. When I smoke, I like being really high. Does a vaporizer really get you that high or does smoking give a better high? If you could only vape or smoke your weed which one would it be? Just hearing the word vaporized it seems like it gives more of a buzzed high than being really high

  2. Yes, but normally I can get more high out of my percolating water pipe than my dry herb vaporizer. However, I think that is because there is a more controlled release from the vaporizer than from the pipe. If I did the same amount in the pipe and the vaporizer then I would probably be more stoned from the vape. The buzz is different though, it is hard to describe.
  3. Vaping > smoking.
    Tastes better, no irritated throat/lungs, can use the vaporizerd material for multiple potent extracts/edibles, many different types of vaporizers to fit your needs, the list goes on and on and on.....
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  4. Vaping is more customizable. You set the temp at different ranges and can get slightly different highs so to speak. Vaping is more healthy as you are not inhaling butane from a lighter. Easier on your lungs since you are inhaling at a much lower temp as apposed to a lighter which is a lil over 1,000 degrees. You can get multiple hits when vaping. Also, depending at what temp setting you have the vape on, you can use your decarbed weed and put them into edibles and get high once again. I like vaping cause of all the pros as apposed to a pipe, bong, etc. really comes down to your preference of intake.

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  5. *oppose

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  6. how
    Much did your vaporizer cost? I want to start using them but don't know which ones are good, any tips ?

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  7. With shipping included, $165. I got it from

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  8. You just need to do some research. The Arizer Extreme has gotten a lot of positive reviews and a lot of people said that the Arizer is just as good as the Volcano, but for way less. Also the Arizer, you can vape with a whip, vape with a balloon or use the potpourri dish to diffuse essential oils and such. There isn't much vaporizers that are a 3in1 like the Arizer. Search around and see which one suits you best and also go off of the review rating too to help you out some.

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  9. thank you! Will do!

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  10. Hey again Lifting Bro! I used to have a Vaporbrothers vape (the wooden box design, with a tube/hose) and the thing worked pretty great. It was like $155 VaporBrothers

    The Volcano is also great but very expensive.Volcano

    Then there is the popular one called "Pax", which does the job but it always gets too hot to my lips after awhile, and it's closer to $250 instead of the VaporBrothers which was like a hundo less Pax

    I'm sure others here have pros or cons they could point out about all 3 of these, I'm somewhat inexperienced with vapes

  11. haha what up! I actually hitting a chest workout right now lol :D thanks bro ill give them a look when im home. I'm going to see if there's any good vapes at my local smoke shop too

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  12. i quit smoking my pipes after i got my vape. any time you burn weed you lose THC and not to mention completely killing the taste and terpenes.

    Vaporbrothers FTW. Or go for a factory blemished Dabuddha or Silver Surfer. The factory seconds have a small dent or scratch and work 100% as normal and come at a discount. I put stickers on mine anyway so the scratch doesnt matter. any of those 3 are great choices for under $200, unless you have 500 to spend then go with a volcano lol
  13. Since getting my Herbalizer I've never looked back to smoking. There's no comparison as to which gets you higher, uses less material and tastes better. The vape will always win in my books.

    Anyone who thinks smoking gets them higher is attributing that to the toxic effects of combustion compounds, similar to a cigarette.

  14. I've given up smoking joints and have been sticking to my vapes now for about 5 months now (I've been smoking joints daily for 10+ years). Personally I found that vapes work better when you haven't been smoking (I wasn't a smoker as such just a social cigarette smoker) maybe its because your lungs are clearer (I'm sure there is a lot of scientific explanations behind this!). I have found I get a much better high than smoking and I tried a joint yesterday for the first time in 5 months and I nearly threw up!!! (I would never go back to smoking it now....) From that I would definitely say that a lot of the 'high' from a joint is actual poisoning from the tobacco (UK joints are never pure weed its too expensive here for that!) combined with the obvious high from the weed. I find the Vape high takes a little longer to come on (can be 5 - 10 mins to really kick in) but its a far more intense and longer lasting high and really reminds me of when I first started smoking joints (without the poisoning!). So for me its vapes all the way!!!

    I have a MFLB (which I have been using for nearly 2 years) a Pax 1 (again about the same time) the Plenty and recently the Pax 2. Of course the quality of the vape depends on the herb and I would think how often you vape (building up a tolerance) but the MFLB is a fantastic little vape, a little harder to master but I have been totally wasted on it! I find the MFLB is pretty good for 'getting into the zone' but when you still need to be able to do things (going out, cooking, gaming etc!) so its my everyday 'go to' vape. Its extremely subtle and have used it without people even knowing I was doing it (there is a slight smell but its more of a baked biscuit/popcorn smell). The biggest advantage is you can use a tiny amount of weed where as the others you need to fill the oven (unless you get some third party parts to reduce the oven size). I see very little vapour when exhaling (not sure about peoples obsession for making big clouds its just a waste) so again this helps with its discretion. I love the whole MFLB 'thing', the accessories and the company's ethos (I have the adapter, water pipe etc) so its a great vape to expand upon.

    The Pax I find is definitely harder hitting and the Pax 2 is streets ahead of the Pax 1 (in design, performance and features) but the Pax is less discrete (smell) than the MFLB but you get a better taste of the and is the one I would use if I am having an evening in and chilling out and really want to get high

    The Plenty is good German engineering, mains powered and gives good results but as I like portability I tend to use the Pax 2 and MFLB the most and they would be my vapes if I were to be stranded on a desert island (with a power source and a huge field of weed ha ha).

    Whatever you decide vaping is definitely healthier and cheaper (i reckon I use a quarter of what I did when I smoked) and means you can kick the cigarettes (if you smoke) without losing the ability to use weed!
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  15. If you get a log vape, like the E-Nano, you can vape THROUGH a percolated bong, for the ultimate experience. Clouds of pure vapor with no burnt taste, are amazing. Especially through very warm water (Idea from @lwien). With good herb, you can completely milk a large bong with a good vaporizer.
  16. My wife and I have been using an Arizer solo daily for the past couple of years. Wife is prone to getting bronchitis and the smoking was too irritating to her lungs. Didn't want to deal with having to hide glass pieces from our kid so we went with the vape. Takes much less weed to get high IMHO. I use the vaped weed for edibles and clean the glass stem periodically by heating it in some milk and making hot chocolate.

    Just recently picked up a Pax 2 very small and discreet, but it tends to smell more than the Solo. It also gets pretty hot by the end of the session. Have only had a few bowls on it so still evaluating vs the Solo.

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  17. I prefer log vapes myself.

    I like being able to use bubblers and bongs with my vape sans silicone tubes or whips*. Big tasty hits, moisturized, and on demand.

    *no offense to those who prefer tubes/whips. they work great, just not my personal preference. That's what's great about vaping. So many types of vaporizers, that you can really tailor your experience to your own preferences.

  18. Silver surfer and one bowl to a nice chocolate brown gets me pain relief and that nice feeling very clean no hacking up lung oysters all evening. The high is as good and the flavor is off the charts. I really find it so much more rewarding to vape.
  19. Yes

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