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Do vaporizers burn?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ITNinja, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Does smoking from a vaporizor cause the same kind of burn that normal hits do. I smoke everyday, i have everyday since I realized that the bud helped my asthma, Which was about 3 months ago, Only a couple times a year before that since I was 15.
    Now normally I smoke from a water bong using super cold tap water with an ice catcher. This is fine for me, It still burns a bit. My friend enjoys it also, the only person I smoke with. But my wife, I cannot get her to smoke very often. She enjoys it, And so do I as it's a very interesting bonding tool cause....cmon fella's your wife tends to get boring after a while haha. But she has a very sensitive throat apparently, She has a very difficult time taking even small hits through my icebong of doom as she refers to it.
    So that brought me to my question of does it burn with a vaporizor. Also if it does burn with vapes, Is there anything that would burn less than anything else. Obviously a Pipe, Join, Bubbler, Blunt, Stuff is way out fo the ballpark. But maybe somethign I havent heard of.

    Thanks guys

    P.S. I am high and I just realized this post came out all indented and crap.....sorry :smoke:
  2. Im high as fuck too so here's what I can tell you..

    I have a DBV vaporizer... it takes about a week or so to kinda get used to the right heat setting but once you have it down it becomes the most GENTLE mist of vapors you have ever inhaled. If you take a big long slow hit you MIGHT have a slight cough but thats about it. The high is phenomenal.

    There is very little to no burn and you get to taste the weed as if its fresh. Basically the sweet skunky dank smell of the weed is what you taste. Its kinda weird at first because you're used to the taste/smell of smoke but instead you're inhaling the aromas or "perfumes" of the dankity dank dank! :smoke:
  3. Ah sweet, I must get one. Also, Can you really get high like 5-10 times off the same bowl with a vape? Also, Sorry, But what would be the best bang for my buck as far as vape's go. I was looking at dubuda vape but it's still kinda pricey for me. I know i would save more money in herb over time, But I dont have that chunk to drop all at one time.

    Thanks guys
  4. I havent tried the less expensive ones, I kinda got my DBV as a gift so I didnt have to drop the $189 for it at once. Hopefully someone who has experience with less expensive models can chime in.

    In regards to getting high 5-10 times... I doubt it, probably once or twice at the most but you do end up using less weed still.
  5. and then you can make edibles with the vaped weed, is that correct?
  6. Ive heard of people talking about that but when you're done with that weed I really dont think there is much THC left in it to use for anythting. It turns yellowish brown and stinks like hay. Most of the oils and aromas have almost completely vaporized.
  7. i have a cheap box/whip vaporizer i got at a headshop for $100, although you can prob find a lot of cheaper ones online. Mine is called the fuzion

    its always worked fine for me, no complaints.

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