Do vapes really save weed?

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  1. not in my opinion i can smoke 2 hits of my dank and be nice and stoned but i have to vape what would be a full bowl pack to the head out of my dealers volcano to even get high

    idk maybe its just me
  2. They absolutely do. There is no more efficient method than vaporizing. Realize that some THC will always be destroyed when combusted.

    I've got a volcanoe and an easy-vape and without a doubt I get higher vaping than burning.
  3. Yes. You get double the highs. First off vape. Then smoke that shit later. Vape a new batch. Rinse and repeat. 2 highs for the same amt of bud.
  4. Vapes absolutely save weed. I have a vapir no2 and it gets me beyond stoned on about 1/8th of a gram of weed, while if I smoke, it would take about 1/4 gram.

    I save up my vaped bud to make cannabutter.
  5. i have a MFLB and i DEFINITELY save weed. not only does it use less weed, but you can smoke it or eat it later on, thus allowing me to use the weed 2x
  6. If possible, I'd say try one out beforehand. Some people don't like the high and it's just a shitty investment for a nice one in their case.

    In my opinion, they do save weed. Even the MFLB (which is on the low end of the vapor quality spectrum IMO) still saves weed. I can grind up about a gram of dank and get stoned (from the vape) like 3-4 times. It's a different high. Off the same bud smoked, I could get high like 2-3 times. I much prefer the smoked high though. It's less efficient, but I'd still rather smoke. A nice vape on the otherhand (DBV) could get you stoned like 5 times off the gram. still not as great a high as smoking IMO, but better than that of a low quality vape.

    you also have all the AVB to make edibles from, which is another crucial bonus. I've got about half ounce saved up now, which could make about 2-4 edibles to get me baked as fuck.
  7. I don't know. I had a shitty vape that didn't get me that high, if at all. But it was probably attributed to it being a shitty vape
  8. nah man, people just say that vapes save weed to fuck with you

    .......yeah they save weed,,,,, a lot! :laughing:
  9. it depends on how you smoke

    i usually set aside a quantity of weed i will smoke so no matter how i do it, i wont be done until i finish that.

    so no.
  10. Yeah they do but if you smoke a lot itl take a while to get used to the stone and you may end up using more weed to begin with

    (my buddha gets me blasted and tastes amazing)
  11. Stupid question, maybe -- been smoking for over 20yrs from joints to pipes to bongs. Finally decided to go the vaporizer route and it's got its benefits/differences .....

    My question, how do you know when the chamber is cashed?

    The dude at the store said a full chamber = 8-10 hits but I'm finding more like 4-5. Does cashed vaporized flower look like processed tobacco, as you'd see in a commercially made cigarette..? I just don't want to waste anything but can't seem to know when I've cashed my new bowl.

    Vic in CO
  12. I use a 1/3rd of what I'd put in a spliff in my vape and it gets me just as high. Not to mention, I can vape the same bowl twice and get high both times. So I basically can use a fraction of the weed I would if I was to smoke it.

    Vaping is a no brainer. However, I can't deny that rolling a spliff is a joy :D
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    if you have a good vape and use it regularly, yes--you will save weed. maybe not an incredible significant amount, but i do think a good vaporizer is much more efficient + effective than smoking.

    about 95% of the time, i use a vaporizer. it takes less weed and the effects are more enjoyable IMO. it's also much easier to just casually take hits (plus the convenience of vaping indoors with no significant odor issues). i have heard people complain that vaping isn't as effective for them when smoking as well. i think for best results, you need to quit smoking altogether and vape exclusively (or at least most of the time).

    also, the vaped bud is still potent and can then be used in various ways (you can't re-use the ash you get from smoking!). also, when you scrape clean a smoking piece, you just get nasty resin... but if you have a nice whip-style vaporizer and scrape it clean, you get some good + potent wand hash. :smoking:
  14. Yeah, rolling a spliff is an art form and truly is the best.

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