Do Unsprouted Plants Need Light?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 10, 2004.


If you had a inside plant that was only 1 foot high, how much could YOU get?

  1. 1 ounce

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  2. 2 ounces

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  3. 3 ounces

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  4. 4 ounces

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  1. Hi, I have germinated some seeds and planted them in some pots, I have now put some lights on the unsprouted seedlings. I really do not suppose this matters, as the soil would surely stop light from reeching the seeds.

    I would just like to make sure I have not exposed my seedling to light too early. And if you need to keep them in the dark until they actually sprout.
  2. they need no light till they sprout and the light will dry out the soil faster and at a very young stage it's essentail that it doesn't dry out........Peace out.......Sid
  3. oh and the poll would depend on the strain/power of light/soil/care and attention/experience..........well that's some of the variables........Peace out........Sid

    ps vegging till 12" flowering under 12/12 and under a 400 HPS, ain for 1-2 oz per plant.........
  4. But seeing as the lights are flouros, and they are about 7 inches away from the soil, does it matter? Flouros give off bugger all heat any way, and isn't drying out my soil. So would having these lights on actually make my plants not grow, or can I just leave em on and not worry about killing my seedlings.

  5. nope their fine.......Peace out.......Sid
  6. cheers, just made me a bit less paranoid :->
  7. Im probly newer at this then you, but you can remember marijuana is a weed. They're pretty resilient from what i hear.
  8. alot of the older wstrains are like weeds, but from what i hear quite afew of the newer strains can be quite touchy.... they dont like ph swings or the wrong nutrients.... all depends on the strain.....

    oh and if you get 1 plant and throw it under a 4' x 4' screen and veg it for afew months, it would still end up aout a foot tall, but could yeild up to a lb.... ;) (although that long of a veg period is kinda a waste)
  9. yeah.. dont listen to me i dunno what im doing

  10. Hi john

    thats what i plan to do with my next outside grow but with more than 1 plant.

    a pound a plant would be nice.

    sorry but why do you think it will be a waste.

    laters jay
  11. i think he ment indoors where space is limited and you have to pay for the lights.

    outdoors you flower by the calander so time doesnt mean the same thing.

  12. yep, i was thalkin indoor.... yeah this summers outdoor grow i plan to use a screen aswell... just 1 plant per screen though, and have 1 plant per grow site.... just like a 2 x 4 screen about 14" above the ground.... then if theres any over growth it gan just grow up normally on the sides,,, (the reason im going 2 x 4 if because i have a bunch of 2' wide screen lying around...)
  13. HI.


    yep veg inside for 2 months would be intresting to see.i think ill leave that up to somebody else to try.

    laters jay.
  14. what is the best wattage of light to use during the veg cycle. I have an 80w cfl, a 60w cfl and some other lower wattage cfl's.. any suggestions on which to use?
  15. Needs leaves in order to make use of the light, the leaves absorb it.

  16. Yeah you really don't.

    Pure Cannabis ruderalis otherwise known as ditchweed or just hemp grows like a weed :)

    Not so much Sativa or Indica from what I hear.

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