Do u wear a helmet?

Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. like the title says when u are riding a bike/scateboarding/rollerbladin do u wear a bike helmet? im high:smoking::smoking:
  2. yeah i wore a helmet. . .

    when i was six
  3. haha
    what he said
  4. only when on a motorcycle....but other than that..fuck no
  5. only time I wore a helmet was on half pipes going for the insain tricks.. on the street or just cruising,, never
  6. My mommy says I have to wear a helmet all day so i dont hurt myself.
  7. Never, and I've broken countless bones because of this. But still, fuck that..
  8. I don't own a helmet. Actually, my bike doesn't even work anymore..flat tire. It's been like that for a few years now. Once I got my car I pretty much didn't use the bike anymore.

    When I was younger I did. Sometimes the cops would drive through the neighborhood and we would all get excited and theyd give every kid with a helmet on this coupon for like a free ice cream or something. It was awesome!!! Too bad cops only hand me warnings and tickets these days...maybe I should wear a helmet while driving my car and they could give me something better haha :)
  9. not when i am 4 wheeling, no i dont
  10. Ahahaha I never learned how to rdie a bike. How sad is that :laughing:

  11. Pretty fuckin sad homie.
  12. on a motorcycle yea, i learned my lesson when i crashed n smashed what would have been my face on the ground extremely hard

    but on a bike or skateboard, no, i'm really good at rollin with a fall, i've never gotten badly hurt crashing other than i broke out 4 teeth cuz of how i wrecked
  13. I wear a helmet when I ski and bike. It'd be suicide not to. I've hit so many trees doing both. It's definitely saved my life more than once.
  14. Although I don't ride my bike anymore, I still wouldn't use a helmet even if I had one. Now a motorcycle, that's something different...
  15. Just on the Harley.
  16. did someone mention potstickers?
  17. You've broken countless bones because you didn't wear a helmet? Were all of these bones in your head. Heh. :confused:
  18. Damn Reggin, you beat me too it.

    Back on topic though, I wear a helmet when I ski, or when I'm riding in the woods. When I'm in the city though, no way.
  19. hahahahaha

    i bmx and no i dont really, not on street or anything. If i am dirt jumping i probably will or doing any flips or anything.

    if i am riding whistler on my mtb i will tho

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