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do u think smoking will change me and my girlfriends relationship?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mctoken, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Me and my girl have been togeather 9 months.
    she dosent know i smoke and she has never smoked before or been drunk.
    YES IM 18!
    Our freshman year in community colledge starts on wednesday and we got on the topic of weed the other day and said we would try it togeather on saturday. (i told her i havent smoked in months).

    Im wondering if i smoke a joint of loud with her on saturday do u thbink things will still be the same between us?
  2. i bought that medical today...
    i rolled up about .2 of it to try it out about an hour ago.
    im still ripped:smoking:
  3. You might have more sex :p
  4. Only if you let it.

  5. we smash all the time.
    high sex is the best. especially when she dosent know im high:hello:
  6. Yea it will change things, change things for the better now get to toking with her before some other dude does!
  7. Yes, it will change your relationship drastically.
    >You'll focus more on weed than love,
    >Your restaurant bills will skyrocket because that bitch will always be hungry,
    >She'll constantly bum weed off of you.
  8. How did you get in to college with spelling like that?

    Jk, bro.

    It will probably improve your relationship, man. Bonding activities and all that shite.

  9. Thats exactly why im going to!
    i told her id rather her be doin that shit with me than some of her dumb ass friends who will prolly get her burnt up or something.
    and i got that dankity dank sooo shes just gonna laugh at other peoples mids hahaha
  10. I knew my girlfriend smoked weed but she only does it on occasion, while me on the other hand have been high around 2500+ times. I lied to her and told her I only do it every once in awhile because I thought she would think different, and I have yet to get high with her (haven't had the chance too) I think that it will improve your relationship some but don't let it take it over.
  11. you'll both flunk out, you'll end up on meth, dead within a couple years, and she'll have a career as a porn star until her drug addictions kill her, summarized.
  12. No forum is safe from Fred.
  13. I'm actually impressed that she still doesn't know.

    You are good my friend.
  14. Get stoned and fuck her.
  15. Beware...of fred of course.
  16. I don't know what is more pathetic... the fact that you make up stories on a random forum where you are clearly hated, or that the stories you make up involve you having a made up girlfriend.

    Fuckin' loser.
  17. :laughing:
  18. I like the fact that you say everything I say is made up when it's not. I'm inputting some good advice to the OP and you should notice that, nothing I said is wrong. You really need to gtf over yourselfs.

  19. Everything you post is a bullshit story full of nunking but shit.
  20. rah rah raaaawer, i like fighting over the internet cuz im 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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