Do u think jack herer will finish in time at 45°N?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SensiHead, May 31, 2009.

  1. Ive read in the big book of buds that its only suitable to a dry climate such as spain or california(33N-41N), but in Cervantes's mj horticulture; its written that it will finish around mid-sept./early oct.!
    So im asking myself is it worth trying outdoors at 45N ? What do u guys think?
  2. If its most suitable for dry climates, thats where its going to acheive optimal results.

    Is it worth a try?.... Hell Yeah! Put'em in the Ground!
  3. I've also got some bagseed from some sort of "jack" strain. the kid didn't know what it was. He was like "it's Jack, or something." so It could be jack herrer, jack flash, or one of those strains. It won't end up being exactly the same strain as the bud it came from. I think it usually ends up being the same strains as the bud's parents. so maybe if I got jack flash, I'll end up with jack herrer buds. If I got jack herrer bag seed, I'll end up with????? african sativa? It's a sativa and likes a dry climate? probably wouldn't be columbian or thai genetics, then.

    ...I'm off to do some research.
  4. I'm growing a mix that includes jacks herer. But it will finsish around that York and be fine. It york worried about frost date then just force flower it

  5. Not sure how that happens.
  6. Yeah, i'm curious about this too. My latitude is between 37N - 41N. This probably means my plants will be done in September? Damn!

    I'm not sure, I was hoping late august but it might take a long time.
  7. Jack Herer is a 50indica/50sativa hybrid
  8. they sound like theyll be fine my jack is 6 feet right now im in norcal tho but mine have been through alot of abuse from mites, deer, neighbors and has been mis treated and everything. jacks are tough plants. should be all good.
  9. youll be fine...
  10. ok thx everyone for your input, ill give em a try, hopefully they'll finish in time!

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