do u start counting the flowering days when swtiching to 12/12?

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  1. or start counting when u see the first pistil?

    because its been said that indicas average finish at 8 weeks. 8 weeks since sex or since 12/12 switch?

    well ive been counting since sex and mine are at 7th week. think it'll be ready next week? or should i wait for calyxes to swollen? and the top of the bud looks really skinny. i imagined if i chop like next week and shave off all of the leaves on the bud, its going to look reallllly skinny

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  2. I think it needs to go for another 1.5-3 weeks. Your calyxi have just begun to swell. If you chop to early, you'll decrease your yeild by a lot.

    To answer your first question, I would say from pistil's. It's when the plant has shown it's mature enough to flower, ergo to me it's the start of flowering.
  3. I start at 12/12. Usually I have a few plants flowering and I start chopping one plant at a time on day 60. I may change it to when all females have been found. I have a small 12 square feet and run a perpetual grow and have to make space for new plants every month. Poor excuse, but that's the way I do it.
  4. alright so sinceu start when ur lights change, and sex shows in 2 weeks, so u, to me u chop at 46 days? because my plant at 46 days of flowering since sex didnt not even look close to ready? can i see a pic?

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