do u smoke weed every day

Discussion in 'General' started by mrk195smokin, Sep 2, 2007.

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    me myself is a daily toker
  2. yeah man. yeah.
  3. yeah bro, deffinatly

    A bowl a day keep the thoughts away lol Kinda fucked up. But hey, what isnt fucked up these days?
  4. hell yeah, i stay high
  5. Im about to toast up a blunt right now.

    I actually think I have a bit of a weed problem.. It seems I cant eat unless im stoned anymore.. without weed I really have no urge to eat.

    I actually smoke 3-4 times per day probably.
  6. I got that same problem kingpin, food just doesnt seem that appealing unless I'm stoned.
  7. oh dude me too when im high i like to eat.. other then that nope not really. weird.
  8. uhh....i wake up everyday to smoking in bed, and i smoke throughout the day...i have it scheduled....except i normally forget the schedule...still...i smoke all day, everday
  9. I have smoked every day for about the past 5 months with the exception of 1 day that I was away on holiday and promised one day with no weed to the GF.

    It just chills me out and makes everything that little bit better!

    and I know what you guys are saying about food, I hardly eat when im not buzzin!
  10. Wow, nice to know other people are like me, I was actually starting to think I might have an eating disorder.

    Im going to try and take a 3-4 day break and see what that does for me.
  11. I smoke the trees every day, I'd rather not, but i get bored alot right?

    This got me thinking back to the days where me and a few buddies would be talking all week about "We're gettting so high this weekend!!!" Smoking weed on weekends only gets you alot higher if i remember right. Instead of the regular "Roll another joint" routine my buddies and I practise daily, i wish i could go back to that mindset where it didn't even seem possible to get high daily.

    Todays tip, don't get bored.
  12. that's how i am..its like rolling a blunt is a time consuming activity.. and plus i dont smoke cigeretters.
  13. in the words of my one weed dealer "man... i been drunk for like 3 weeks.. and high for like......... 7 years... gimme some tape cuz i'm fuckin ripped"
  14. one of my old dealers was drunk for like a few months a dui...was in the cell trying to smoke the joint they didnt find on him...ahahahah...dude was fucking awesome

    also id like to say

    if your smoking everyday, it becomes pretty shitty to break that cycle, and once your sober again, its a fucking trip....but fuck it, i sit around all day and rip bongs, smoke blunts, burn joints, and blaze bowls....anmd just cause im going to community college doesnt change it either:D
  15. fuck yeah
  16. If i got buds and nothing too crazy ahead in the day

    Say "Smoke dat shiiiiet!"
  17. everyday absolutely....well every evening.... me and my two teammates gather together and we'll end up smoking like 6-8 deep bowls

    it's like having dinner with the family but much better
  18. the reson i ask becase im a mutil times a day toker.
  19. dont smoke weed to get high smoke to stay high that how i smoke(coming down....... 2 bong rips plane gains height.)

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