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do u like smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lovenweed420, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. #1 lovenweed420, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011
    Hey GC, i no most of the people here like to get baked but do u acualy like smoking. Personly i really injoy smoking bud do u guys and girls like smoking aswell
  2. Uuuhhhhhhhhhh...........

  3. Sorry i was on my phone.

  4. Lol its good.

    I love smoking, but I do wish I could snort it instead.

  5. Err:confused:

    I enjoy smoking, I wouldn't snort or shoot it if it was needed
  6. im pretty sure nearly everyone on this forum likes smoking..
  7. no , fuck smoking . That shit is gay as fuck
  8. The meth rehab is another forum.
  9. What a fucking dumb question..
  10. im 12 and wat is this?
  11. Actually I dont like smoking because I don't smoke cigs and it kills my lungs and throat the next day...would eat it or vape if I could
  12. i love the ritual of smoking from grinding the bud to smoking the bud. i wouldnt do it if it didnt get me high though.

  13. Banned

  14. no its not. yes it could have been asked in a better fashion, but i believe there's more then a few canabis user's here in the city who enjoy there edibles much more then lighting up and inhaling smoke.. he didn't ask who likes to get high. :smoking:
  15. Yea I no lots of stoners don't like smoking since its harsh on your throat
  16. Um... Excuse me? Us blades LOVE smoking. You new here? :smoke:

  17. no not at all but still some people likee edibles mire then a good bong rip
  18. personally i love the ritual of smoking. I remember the high school days when I would rip my bong and blow the smoke out the window in my bathroom... I think i really started to enjoy just chilling out toking bongs. That's personal - have seen people who would much rather eat a jolly rancher than snap a bowl
  19. I like smoking, but I like the preparation and ritual more I think. But one doesn't go without the other.

    I probably prefer the smoking feeling of smoking bongs, but prefer overall smoking joints from the preparation and the handling feel of it.
  20. I absolutely love the whole smoking ritual. Midnight, everyone is asleep, take rips from the bong, look at stuff and people outside my window, Jimi Hendrix playing.

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