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do u empty the bong water after each use or leave it and change it next use?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. do you empty the bong water after each use or leave it in there and change the water next time you smoke? I usually leave it in there and then i go to smoke later and realize its probably nasty from sitting in there with shit from the last 6 bowls i smoked so i have to dump it out and rinse it before i can smoke
  2. Mine is fresh everytime I smoke. I figure if I spend the money on weed and glass, I want it to taste as good as possible.
  3. Just clean it after each use. Plain and simple.
  4. i change it daily
    i know people who dont change their water for a week and when i come over and ask them to change the nasty stinking water they give me a sour look.

    sometimes when you come over to someone you dont really know or a friend's friend and they pass you the bong with nasty black water you just have to take it and its really not comfortable to ask them to change the water "for you" so you smoke the bong from nasty black water....its nasty but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  5. Im not that polite... I'll get up myself and change that water in that situation
  6. pfft whats the diff, i like never change my water. it makes no difference to the taste.
  7. Whenever the water gets pretty dirty I'll rinse it out and fill it back up.
  8. I change my water out every use. Seems to keep it cleaner if you don't let the water sit in there for a long time.
  9. Yh the water stinks alrite. When we are having a session the water normaly does'nt get changed that evening. Untill someone wakes up and relises they knocked the water all over the couch.:bongin::bolt:
  10. i clean it every time, i hate the taste of dirty bong water
  11. Greetings,

    I try to change it every time, It never goes longer than 4 or 5 bowls (medium size at that) before the water is changed.

    pretty much half the time I also pack my bong to the top with ice cubes, so if I don't empty it, it will melt and overflow.

    I've know a couple cats who would change it only every couple months. The guys bong was putrid. I took one hit, gagged and recommended we roll a joint.

    Seriously, the water was THICK and BLACK. They also smoked tobacco through it. It was awful. Weird guy too, he had some fantastic green, but some of the dirtiest smoking habits I've ever seen.
  12. Whatsup?

    I try to change mine every time, or at least i'd like too. Sometimes I get a little lazy. The water gets a change every smoking day at least.

    I give it a real clean anytime I notice calcium buildup starting. Percs are expensive and hard to clean once really dirty.

    If I have people over or someone else besides me smoking out of the bong, then the water is fresh and the pipe is also cleaned before they arrive.
  13. i try and clean out my bongs after each sesh but you know how it goes, you get stoned and forget to do things you planned to do. most of the time it's freash or slightly smoked water in my bong.
  14. I clean both of my mini's twice a day. ONce before i smoke/ once after.
  15. I change my water after every use, I can't stand the taste/smell of dirty bong water so its just that extra incentive to do it. Besides, I love the taste of some fine herb and I don't wanna mess it up with disgusting dirty water.
  16. Man i used to NEVER change my bong water... if you check out like my first 2 montages the water is always real dark.. now i change that shit like every other day. got tired of the smell... and it DOES have a dif taste after a while.
  17. buy screens too yo, idk about anyone else but i HATE when people pull caked weed through into the water...thats probably just me but still, its nasty, i dont wanna smoke weed with caked nastyness in the water
  18. we dont need no water let the mother fcker burn. .. i just thought of that. but i change mine if it starts to stink.
  19. dont be lazy, just clean it after each use. youll be getting best of the best bong hits.
  20. you have to change the water, you bong is jsut like a baby. If its diaper is dirty, change it!

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