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Do trichomes usually mean it's dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rectumpocket, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I know some dealers coat strains with that fake crystal looking stuff to make it look like white widow or something, but do heavy trichomes usually mean it's dank? Do trichomes in general mean it's dank? I don't think I have ever ran into any of those strains with the fake trichomes. Almost every time I get a strain with visible trichomes, I get a lot higher.

    Side Question: And how would you differ dank, mids, and schwag? I remember smoking a strain that was mostly purple, but it felt like 1 hit from a bowl of mids and it was at least a .5 that I smoked.
  2. To me dank usually has a more blatant smell to it. Like a smell that tingles the inside of your nose more. Or burns your nostrils but in a good way. It's hard to explain. And if it sticks to my fingers, it's usually definitely dank. lol I remember I bought a strain that stuck the the end of my stash jar.
  3. When you break open the nugs and take a can tell the difference between mids and dank.

    Like once said'll get the sticky fingers when you break up your buds from the stem with dank. With mids, it'll sometimes be a little flakey and break directly off the stem.

    As for the purple, it has a lot to do with the growing temperatures and doesn't necessarily mean it's dank. Strains like GDP (Grand Daddy Purp), Grape Ape, Blackberry Kush are a few examples that can show a purple coloration often.
  4. If it's compressed together it's either mids or dank that some evil bastard has ruined. I've yet to see mids be made into fluffy "popcorn" buds. Crystals are a good sign too, and I'd generally say that the lighter green the bud, the better it is. A lot of mids are an "evergreen" sort of color whereas most dank is "mint green".
  5. The more trichomes means the higher you will get.

    Less trichomes = need to smoke more to get high.
    Lots of trichomes = like packing lots of weed into one bud

    Only analogies.
  6. Mmmmmmmm Trichomes.

    If you don't have any trichomes, you aren't smoking good weed. :)
  7. Trichomes are THC so technically Trichomes are ALL that mean it's dank
  8. Most of the time more trics means better weed. You can tell good buds by the smell, the look, and the feel (not over dried). Not all purple weed is from a true purple strain or grown well. Some dealers toss it in the freezer or use other tricks to change the color and make it sell faster.

    Also, there are different types of trichomes and not all of them contain THC. Most of the time more crystals equal more THC, but with strains like blackberry, cotton candy and white widow, they have extra trichomes that are mostly just for show (and to keep bugs off them in nature). You could test a white strain next to a less impressive looking casey jones and have the THC content come out nearly the same.
  9. yes it does.
  10. one time i got bud with what looked like baking powder on it, and it tasted like baking powder, loll. be careful.
  11. Lots of trichomes are goooooood dude
  12. Trichomes are good, but you can't determine one strain is danker purely do to trichomes. Some buds are denser and pack on more thc than is visible. Frosty nugs are definitely a sign of some fire though. 
    I have definitely smoked on buds that weren't as triched out as some of the buds I was previously smoking but the stuff was hella potent and tested higher in THC. Basically its takes more than just looking at trichomes to determine if one bud is danker than the other, but in the end, more trichomes is a good thing.
    Look at the trichomes and observe them if your worried about some asshole coating bud with bullshit, trichomes are hard to counterfeit. You would probably notice if they did that when you smoked the nug. Most random things don't feel to good when they are combusted and inhaled to our lungs.
  13. trichromes are what get you high. trichromes = thc so.....yes.

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