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Do Ti Nails always turn blue?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Mira, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. I hope they do! I just got my first one and it turned blue after the first dab. I got it from my LHS and it looks to be of good quality, says grade 2 made in usa etc. Is it normal or am I inhaling some deadly gas? I feel fine (well, high, since I just dabbed) so I'm not too worried but I wanted to check.
  2. your good, normal characteristic of TI
  3. Probally just have to season it. If your scared of other metals try a magnent to it, if it sticks its not titanium
  4. They turn different colors based on how many layers of oxide are on the titanium when heating. The more heat, the more oxide (technically). Read up on this, pretty interesting stuff considering that the layers of oxide are completely transparent and they only change colors by an illusion produced by the light bouncing off both sides of each layer of oxide.

    I just got my Highly Educated Ti V3 nail and it turned a nice blue/purple at first, now it's just a duller titanium look with some yellow and purple throughout. That's titanium for ya.
  5. I'm a welder and have welded a few Ti exhaust systems before and it always turns blue. The lower quality stuff will get a more red hue due to uneven grain...

    Never seen yellow though..

    The main reason for using Ti as a smoking utility is that it takes some crazy high temps to start off-gassing. You got nothing to worry about
  6. Thanks guys. I read up on seasoning the ti and such, it's smoking much better now. Huge step up from my about-to-crack glass nail.

  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXx7-TYPod8]Highly Educated Ti: V3 Titanium Nail - YouTube[/ame]

    Start it around 1:30, goes purple, yellow on the edges. Once he takes the flame off, take a look at the outside of the cup, bottom right. Big yellow circle. Looks almost like a burn mark/brown in certain light.
  8. mine turned all sorts of colors at first,like purple,orange and then blue kinda,now its just kind of light in color though and the inside of the head is kinda black from leftover oil on it.
  9. I guess its from the lower heat of the Bu torch, which gets nowhere near the temp of a TIG welder..

    I personally havent yet smoked with Ti. But I am shopping for an oil rig currently..

    I can say this though, there is a HUGE difference between American Ti, and Ti from other countries. The stuff produced in the US is of MUCH higher quality.. Other more developed nations (UK, Spain, Italy, France) have good stuff, but the Asian, and Eastern European stuff is total crap. Gets grain factures after just a few heat cycles, wont roll straight, filled with impurities, etc etc...

    US Ti is the way to go.. I've considered making my own Ti nails and dabbers, but I want to at least buy my dome beforehand..
  10. I just bought a HE Ti V3.. I've heard a lot of people saying to season nails, what exactly is the process and purpose?

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