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Do those massive bong rips on youtube get you high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stephes123, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. You know the ones on YouTube where they do like 1.5 gram bowls in 1 hit? Do those get you high cause I feel like just one hit could never get you really fuckin stoned
  2. they get you more than high
  3. you've obviously never taken a massive hit if you have to ask that question lol
  4. if you loaded a 1.5 gram bowl and smoked it in like 10 little rips if would get you high. it doesn't matter how quickly it all gets into your body its still a 1.5 g bowl and you still get high as balls
  5. Umm yes, are you kidding me? Whether you smoke 1.5 in 1 hit or in 12 hits, your still smoking 1.5
  6. #6 LeroyDankins, Aug 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2012
    Take into account how much THC is being activated in a gram +, of marijuana.
    Then think about the quality of the smoking apparatus. (Usually they smoke out of multiple perc bongs.)
    I don't care how high your tolerance is, if you burn an entire gram to yourself and clear the whole thing you're about to get the equivalent of a Mike Tyson punch to the lungs. AKA getting really fucking high.
  7. Nope doesn't get you high at all man.:rolleyes:
  8. Whats with the dumbass question?

    I guess common sense isn't too common?

    What gets you high, the amount you smoke or how many hits you take? OP answer only
  9. Not sure if troll...
  10. Lung capacity and throat resilience are the only limiting factors in the size of one's can get as gone as you want on one hit other than that.
  11. The questions some people ask...........

    Taking 1.5 in 1 hit is going to get you higher than smoking it in however many normal sized hits it would take you, obviously.

  12. Well, to a point. Not sure if your lungs would have enough surface area to absorb all the thc from a hit that size. 1.5 maybe, because i've seen that happen enough times to know that they do get high. Kinda like waters saturation level, you cant dissolve any more in water after a certain amount has been dissolved. Been a while since i took a high school chem class (fuckin obviously :smoke:)

    I wonder if lungs work the same way at all? Like, theoretically, if you could burn a half oz in 1 hit, would it get you any higher than burning a whole oz? Sure, it would be double the thc, but i bet your lungs couldn't absorb it. I don't know what i'm even talking about anymore....
  13. Def not... marijwhoana only gets you high when smoked in small little bursts of 3-4 seconds and kept in for the same rate....
  14. The hits on youtube do not get me high, just the people in the video.. Taking the hits myself, however, is a different story.
  15. A fat ass dab of hash oil will get you ripped as fuck in 1 hit. Seriously if all you smoke is flowers and you try the hash oil, you will go from 0 to High as Fuck in a matter of seconds.

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