Do this count as reasonable suspicion or probable cause?

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  1. Someone called the cops and said a tall African American male was spotted breaking into a home. If I happened to be a tall African American male wearing red would that give the cops reasonable suspicion or probable cause to search me?
  2. Not particularly but they most likely will anyways.

    If you know your rights though i don't think that's legal.
  3. So I'm hoping you're just worried about being caught with budand didn't break into a house haha but If you're walking around the area with a bag or sometimes even without one it probably would.
  4. For most cops, being a tall African-American male is probable cause in itself!
  5. Man I live in Texas and I know that if something bad happens and they see me I'm I can't just refuse the search and if they do search can I just bring it to court?
  6. "Dispatch be on the lookout for a black male between 5'8 and 6'4, 150-280 lbs "
    Yeah OP if you matched a description you can be stopped , searched? Probably , cause cops do what they want...

  7. Why do we even have rights if they are not upheld???
  8. Yeah why wouldn't they stop and check you out? If someone called the cops an said a white guy about 5'5 was seen just robbing a house they would stop me too....

  9. To keep the sheep quiet. :eek:
  10. What rights are being violated? Just because he's not wearing a mask and carrying a bunc of stolen stuff doesn't mean that he doesn't have something stolen. And if he's in the area and match description then yeah. He can and should be stopped and checked out. Not saying they are going to see you and pull guns and rape you because you black. Like really?
  11. Ok..I mean could they do a warrentless search on me if I was polite, did not smell like weed, and had a bag on? Because When i pickup from my dealer I keep it in a deodorant container in my bag with a towel, water, keys, phone, and other typical stuff someone would have if they were working out.
  12. The short answer is yes they can. A warrant is hard to get an takes time and a judge. They aren't going to get a warrant when they don't know who they are looking for. It's kind of fucked up how they can but when you think about it it's how it has I be. Think about it this way someone breaks into your house. Stuffs his pockets with all your cash and jewelry and takes off down the road. You call the cops give them a description and they drive right by him without saying anything "because we didn't have a warrant to check him." even though he looks exactly like the guy you just said robbed you. It's fucked that to can get checked for no real reason. That's why you should never carry anything that you shouldn't.

  13. OK, what if someone reported someone buying weed and it matched my description it would still be the same probable cause you mentioned, right?
  14. Yeah man. Anyone could call and say I saw this guy looking sketchy and the cops can stop you. Not profiling just doing their jobs.

  15. I know they can stop me, but is that probable cause for a full on search without my permission?
  16. Yup otherwise no one would ever ever ever let them search you. I mean it may depend on the state law. But if you deny the search I think they would just detain you till they got legal permission
  17. They can pat you down. They can't search your bag or anything unless you let them.
  18. [quote name='"Meebo"']For most cops, being a tall African-American male is probable cause in itself![/quote]

    especially in new york when it comes to weed lmfaoooo
  19. FREEZE!!!!!! You are committing the crime of WWB, walking while black!! We are going to need to do a full strip search plus a beating maybe a tazing!

  20. know how you feel. i just had to move cuz 12 was harassing me. my potna was told he couldnt come outside till he got of probation. this wasnt no clause in his probation this was an atf agent that started working for our apartments and not know how to switch from police mode to security guard mode.

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