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do they use growlights for street lights?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jayjay5396, Jan 21, 2013.

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    hi got a daft question

    theres 1000s of street lights outside lamp posts what ever you call em, are they grow lights? the bulbs and light look similar to my HPS just wondered if they are infact growlights does anyone know?
  2. Yeah pretty much, they use HPS lights in spots that aren't so important to be lighted up to save energy.
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  4. I always wondered how many watts they were, and if I were to climb up the telephone pole and take the bulb to see if it would fit in mine haha
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    i wouldnt do that if i were you the power is still on f*ck that sh!t.

    i was thinking plant a seed under one and see if it grows
  6. I know I know haha, but I do know people crazy enough people that would do it
  7. i prefer been fried after a joint not while trying to take a bulb out

    come to think of it how would you explain that to a cop.

    cop: what you doing up there sunny?
    farmer: oh erm...... changing the bulb.... lol

    cop: your nicked
  8. If you look across a city from a place with a good view at night, you can see the orange spectrum and the blue spectrum in all the street lights. Some are MH some are HPS. Some are mercury vapor. It's hard to tell the mercury vapor ones from the metal halide ones.
  9. That was quite funny and interesting conversation to read !
  10. "Poof".....

    Mind blown 🙀

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  11. Yes. I planted three trees in my back yard, then I got one of the street lamps put in my alley over looking my back yard. Trees and grass were growing like crazy because were getting light 24/7. It only cost 8$ a month and they come in put it in themselves.

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