Do they really have helicopters to catch growers?

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  1. I live in an illegal state and I have heard rumors about police helicopters that fly over and use heat sensors to detect plants around harvest time. That's my main deterrent to growing outdoors, I'm an avid sativa fan and I have a really hot and humid climate that's viable from about may to the beginning of november. Is this rumor of police helicopters true?
  2. They do , the pick up the heat signature off the plants .
    I'm in California and prior to being legal the helicopter was the worst enemy .

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  3. Fuck...any way around that? If not, I guess I'll have to grow indoors in the winter/spring seasons. Also, no super tall landraces either, I guess :(
  4. Maybe a green house full of tomatoes and other plants .

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  5. Wait whut, they detect outdoor plants by heat? That doesn't make sense. Does it? I thought outdoor they could just spot them with Ariel photography or whatever, but heat sensing is used to find indoor grows.
  6. Lol they got one of those dark green fuckers sitting at airport near me they exist
  7. Sometimes i hear neighbors zero turn mower i run outside im like fuck between fans in my room and having my tv going confuses me helicopter noise scares the fk outta me.
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  8. So I guess there's no real way to hide an indoor grow from them then, huh? Waiting until winter to grow would seem pointless then
  9. I live in a legal state and they still fly over my house just double checking. I know it’s Code cause they’ll fly way below 500ft and you can literally see them looking out with binoculars. Pisses me off.

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  10. Well what if I'm just growing 10 plants or less? Could they still pick up on that or would it have to be a plantation of like 50 or more lol
  11. It could be a single plant dude. States that aren’t legal don’t fuck around. If you’re gonna do it I’d do it under a tree canopy completely invisible by air. You might lose light but at least you’re not losing the plant.
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  12. I seen some footage on cops its amazing how much weed plants stand out in color from surrounding vegetation i think it was a Hawaii episode shit 3 or 4 plant clusters stood out like sore thumbs. But they were just straight grown no training or anything .
  13. That's crazy. We live in the midst of an unmentionable epidemic and they still use helicopters to catch ganj. They should have helipcopters that detect the fumes coming off of the reaction of lithium batteries and camp lantern fluid instead. It would be a funny joke if it wasn't reality
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  14. You ask a pilot buddy where in your area is their flight restriction zones and grow their
    like quarries or firing ranges even radar dish, masts etc

    besides you maybe too late seeing the solstice has gone?

    spraying neem oil 2x week reduces the obvious color change of the heat signature


    ps you can rent these FLIR cameras at your local Walmart or hardware store
    used in heat insulation installs, while their buy in cheap RO water of the vend machine
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  15. Yep, in southern Ontario, high voltage power line towers and dense bushes made for great allies.
    They also had small planes that they'd use but from what i heard, that was used more for arial photo/videography that was analyzed post flight.

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