do they make this strain?

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  1. hey...i'm wondering if anyone knows of a seedbank or breeder that has a neville's haze x o.g. kush strain??? two of my favorite strains would love to grow and smoke a hybrid of them both.
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    dont think so at this time. I know that DNA Genetics has a plant called LA Confidential which is their attempt to remake OG from landraces 300 for 10 seeds. you can also look at THSeeds, they have Kushage and MK-Ultra which both have OG Kush (kushage has SAGE and MK-Ultra has G-13) and from there you can make your own. personaly i recomend making your own seeds when possible because its suited to your liking, ie. sya there are 2 phenose that have either fruity taste or earthy taste. fruity will probably be what they shoot for but people that like Hazey taste then they would shoot for the earthy taste. Look for strains that have a background that appeals to you and imagine what you would like to do with them and do it.. =] hope this helps. I gave up on trying to find strains, now I just get good genetics and try to make what I was going for. Sometimes it works out in 1 or 2 generations and sometimes you try and try and finally come up with something you werent trying for but is equaly satisfying.

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