Do they look health?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by snpny, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. Do they look health, They are aboutr o be moved into my hydro setup, Skunk, Bubbble Gum

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  2. another pis sorry for the cheap camera

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  3. another one

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  4. What light are you using? If its reasonably strong (400W HPS) then i think you dont have it close enough to your plants. I say this because the plant is streatching very thin. This is what my plant did when i had 100W lightbulb on it. Very thin and weak, cant support big buds.
  5. they're healty looking, however they should be more bushy, which can be acieved by using as strikeitrich said a 400w hps....if you allready have a good light then the formula for distance from the plant is 400w divided by 10 =40cm=16" approx.....Peace out....Sid
  6. they are still under my 250 lights in like their 3.5th week I wait a little till they get strong enough then gonna flip them to hydro. They are close cuz I have a walk in closet with another room in it which I made for germing and shit. But I put the lights closer then it burned the leaves? what to do
  7. you know i had same problem. The only solution i could think of is to buy a 400w hps light.
    I have another idea, but i dont know if it would work ( so advice from others would be handy) If you get a fan to blow on the plant then this may take some of the heat away from the plant. But thats only a theory and many things like this dont work in practice + fans can be loud.
    I would recomend getting the light though. Try to top the plants soon aswell i would say.
    Just remember this is all part of the fun, dont be afriad to!
  8. A fan is a good idea as it does many things. One, it does cool the plants or at the very least circulate hot stagnant air. Two, it helps keep humidity flowing and thus you avoid mold. And three, although it may be a bit late, it helps the stalks grow stronger and fatter. I put a fan on my seedlings and clones from day one. The plants transfer energy that would normally be spent on growing straight up, to energy spent on growing strong stocks. Kinda like a plant work out. Good luck.
  9. ditto...i have my fan on oscilating from day 1 and then just straight on them, the fans on the same as when the lights are on and the heat is building up the fan takes care of it, with the growroom door open and my kitchen door open, with the kitchen window open to circulate an airflow...surprisingly effective, as i can't vent to the outside....Peace out...Sid
  10. what up people i have bad news. A lady friend of mine discovered my set up and I had to destroy the entire operation. Lose lips sink ships. She walked into the wrong room and found it didnt know what is was until the smell hit her and then... better to be safe than sorry. Since I am movin into a bigger place in a few months Ill set up operation green again. Dont take the risk.
  11. man i'm sorry to hear that!....bummer.....such a tragic loss of life!.....Peace out...Sid
  12. thats too bad .. but your right ... its just not worth it at that point .. i would have dont the same thing ... should have put a lock on the door or something..
  13. yeah i know I should have locked the doors but i was gonna do some work earlier then my man came over with a few honeys and I got distracted and shit. Then later people wanted to piss, the I remebered, dont worry my next step up will have two bedrooms one for hydro and one for organic. yeah but i buried my girls a couple days ago

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